Posted by: Admin | August 7, 2009

You Have Some Junk In Your Trunk!

Here's the culprit.. on her way home from the doggie salon

Here's the culprit.. on her way home from the doggie salon

Lately I have been wondering how to rid myself of this awful hairy growth that I seem to have protruding from my tushy…. Ok, before you get all grossed out and turned off that my post is about some abnormal body wart.. please know that I’m referring to my dog.  She seems to have implanted herself up my derriere since we’ve been spending so much time together.

Maggie (or Schmaggers, or Schmageddy Meme as she’s also known), is a 6 year old cocker spaniel, golden retriever mix.  She’s incredibly cute (and she knows it!).  And, oh boy does she love her mommy!  I thought when I was first unemployed that it would be wonderful bonding time for me & my Schmaggs.   I’d be home all day, she’d be home all day, we could sit by the pool together, take walks, play catch etc.  What I didn’t realize is that she would take this “bonding” to an extreme.  Thus, my first statement in this entry… she’s become a growth that I cannot get rid of.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, I’d do anything for her and I do adore having her around but…. To follow me EVERYWHERE when I move around the house?  To cry at the door while I’m in the bathroom?  To freak out when I walk out the front door to get the mail?  Come on Maggie, you are an independent pooch, with a big house and a basket of toys… why do you need your mommy so much??  I went into the neighbor’s yard last week, it was a beautiful day, we were all outside and I wanted to stop by to visit them.  There is a wire mesh fence that divides our property.   Well, my dear little doggie watched me with those pouty eyes, cross over into the other yard and, when she realized she was left “alone” in our backyard, she began to cry like a banshee and throw her little body against the chain link fence to try to get to me.  I was maybe 20 feet away and in clear view!!  I felt like I was at the mall and my toddler was throwing a temper tantrum… I was horrified!   

I never imagined that spending extra time at home would have this effect on Maggie.. she’s always been a momma’s girl but, she’s taken it to a completely different level.  I now not only need to find a job for my own sanity but for the sanity of my dog too!! 

I mentioned yesterday that we had a “Mommy & Me” day where we both had salon appointments.  But (and, please keep this between us), maybe this was my way of getting some “Me” time away from Maggie…. (ssshhhhhh…. please don’t tell her.. she’s very sensitive!)



  1. If a pet begins to act like this… it simply isn’t getting enough exercise. OR… you’ve doted on it enough that the doting is “normal” and when absent is missed by the pet.

    If you need a “new” normal, begin acting in a new way consistently. Dogs like structure. Your new structure caused by the increased home time is the dog’s new routine.


  2. Oh my gosh, I can totally relate, but my fuzzy growth is a cat – a 17 year old cat. He has always been “Mama’s Boy,” but wow, since I have been unemployed and make like a couch potato (on a recliner sofa), he has to be on my chest with his face close to mine – every day. He gets upset when I have to get up to do something (get something to eat, take a restroom break, etc. Heaven forbid I move at all). When I am busy writing a letter, a bill, whatever, he will come up next to me, start tapping me on the arm with his paw and holler at me (he can be very vocal and loud) until I give into him and let him get into his special place. When he sees me getting clothes out of the closet to get dressed, he goes off. I can translate what he is saying, “Where do you think you are going? You can’t leave me! You are suppose to stay here! I am not letting you go!” He is so entertaining. He makes me laugh. I don’t know what I would do without him. He helps keep me going, helps me cope with my situation.

  3. One has to wonder if you will be able to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle! When you find a new job and become less available, poor Shmaggers may have a break down.

    • I *completely* relate. Puppy Dog *loves* having Fluffy Bear and I in the house all the time right now.

      I suggest allowing Maggie into the bathroom with you… we have some of our most tender moments with Puppy Dog sitting on the loo. He has no idea that we are busy doing anything. All he knows is that he can come in and sit in front of us and have our complete attention.

      Read more about Puppy Dog and restroom time here:

      So glad to have found your blog! I’ll be doing more reading…


      • IBC.. We have indeed given up our “privacy” while we are in the bathroom… it’s just too much of a struggle. And, Maggie makes herself perfectly comfortable on the tiny throw rug .. as it if were a puppy dog, bathroom bed, made especially for her!

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