Posted by: Admin | August 11, 2009

“Mug Assaults” & The Mona Lisa

Tourist hurls mug at the Mona Lisa in Louvre  By RACHEL KUROWSKI • Associated Press Writer • August 11, 2009  (Click here for the web article Mona Lisa)

It looks to me like this army of disgruntled photography buffs is about to attack!

It looks to me like an army of disgruntled photography buffs is about to attack!

PARIS — The Louvre Museum says a Russian visitor hurled an empty terra cotta mug at the Mona Lisa.

A museum spokesman says the canvas of the Da Vinci masterpiece was undamaged in the attack last week, though the mug shattered. It has been suggested that the Russian tourist who has yet to be named may have been suffering from Stendhal syndrome. The syndrome, which was named after the french author Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle), can cause those viewing great works of art to become overwhelmed although this does not always result in violent outbursts.   

I have to admit however, that I have my own possible theory of the condition this woman may have been afflicted with…. It’s an ailment that I’ve come to know quite well, an ailment that I like to call “Unemployment Rage”.  I certainly don’t have a medical degree but, here’s what led me to this conclusion…..Over the last month or so of my personal unemployment,  there have been many people/things that I’ve wanted to throw a mug at. 

 A few contenders who are worthy of “Mug Assaults” in no particular order:

  1.  The recruiter who called me to yell at me for submitting my resume to a job posting I saw on line.  Um, ok dumbass… I am looking for a job, not sitting with my thumb up my butt waiting for you to call me.
  2. The happy, relaxed woman I saw coming out of the local spa as I drove to the post office to mail my bills.  I should mention that I was unshowered and unshaven, in the shirt I slept in, shorts & a baseball cap
  3. The dude in front of me at Starbucks ordering the, decaf, non-fat, extra hot, caramel, mocha latte with extra whipped cream…. Good lord, dude.. just order a friggin’ coffee!
  4. My 5th grade teacher for not giving me an “A” on that book report I did  (yes, it’s been a long time, but I have had a lot of free time to reflect on things from my past!)
  5. My TV… how could they not award the So You Think You Can Dance title to Brandon… he was obviously the best dancer!
  6. The bozo I used to work with (who, by the way, still has a job) who said to me… “you don’t understand how hard it is to still be working here”… WHAT?  You do realize you still collect a pay check each week…. Right??!!

I will promise to not follow through on any of these mug assaults… My “rage” is currently under control.  And, I actually like most of my mugs so I’d prefer to not waste them on stupid people and/or things!



  1. holy crap! u mean the real mona lisa was well almost “mudered”?! damn! hey where is the real mona lisa displayed at?

  2. I dunno I say say throw something at someone, might make you feel good

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