Posted by: Admin | August 17, 2009

Sleepless in NJ

baby yawn


I am tired today.

There I said it.

(I got up at 10:00 today) 

I’m not proud of it.



If you’re unemployed, you probably know that another symptom of unemployment is BAD SLEEP.  I’ve read other blogs, and spoken to other jobless souls and there seems to be a regular current of sleeplessness.  Many suffer from insomnia so, I guess I’m somewhat lucky because I do fall asleep pretty quickly but then I toss & turn and I never wake up rested… It’s amazing that all day long my mind is mush and I can’t complete thoughts but, at night my mind is working overtime!

 Here are just a few topics that ran through my head just last night

  • Maybe I’ll shave my legs tomorrow..
  • Maybe I’ll do some exercise tomorrow
  • What if my muffin top has finally become a full on bakery?
  • YUM… bakery… cannolis, pie, cookies….
  • I wonder if there are any Oreos left in the cabinet?
  • I should really clean out my cabinets…
  • Cleaning out the fridge was quite a project
  • Did I put the ice cream back in the freezer? 
  • And, oh yeah……Will I ever find a job?

These themes are not unique to me.  They are the underlying current and common bond shared by many of the unemployed.  Together we are an army, an army of under-worked, under-stimulated, over-eating, and oftentimes overly wishful people who turn to the internet to share our stories.  Thanks to the internet I can find other people out there who can relate to my situation and are sharing their own stories about house pants, insomnia & eating ice cream with a fork (thank you to the Lady of Leisure herself, in Seattle, for helping me to see that I am not the only one!). 

So, when you’re mind starts racing… and you wake up on a Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) tired.. just remember you are not alone and there is someone else out there who is just starting their own bakery!



  1. I honestly can’t remember the last time I slept past 6:30, the precise moment at which my cat jumps on my face demanding to be fed. It would be great if I had somewhere to go.

  2. Leon, I can honestly tell you that after I wasted away my morning on line– I mean diligently web surfed for work — I was able to spend the appropriate time by my pool working towards mondebriation!

  3. If you get up at 10, and you’re still tired, how are you going to have the energy to get Mondebriated?

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