Posted by: Admin | August 18, 2009

Mush Brain!

You’re angry, you’re sad, you’re depressed, you’re bored.  Maybe you cry, stomp your feet, or maybe you just lay around and inspect your ever growing muffin top & thighs due to that new bakery you are opening .

Either way, the stress & fatigue of unemployment can very easily manifest itself into MUSH BRAIN.  You know what I’m talking about!  The “medical term” Mush Brain is most often associated with pregnant women but, I can assure you that the same symptoms can be brought on by waking up every morning where the only scheduled item on your agenda is brushing your own teeth. 

I can say without a doubt, I have acquired Mush Brain.  My attempts at “active” leisure have been more to stimulate my mushy mind than to gear myself up for some sort of physical activity.   But, I have to admit, I am failing miserably….. I feel like I’m living in slow motion. 

Just this weekend my loving husband said to me…. “honey, you’re getting kind of stupid!”.   Now, my non-mushy brain would have argued with him, but as I struggled to find words to respond, I realized, WOW, I think I am becoming stupid!  And, even in my own foggy mind, I could think of other examples of my own “stupidity”…..

  • I walk into a room, only to forget why I’m there.
  • I put in a load of laundry and never, ever go back to it to put it in the dryer.
  • I try to explain something to my husband, and I realize I’m talking but not making any sense… as he’s looking at me with that cockeyed look you give a 3 year old
  • I do nothing all day, but I paid my credit card bill late this month (and, this isn’t related to money —  it’s directly related to mush brain)

It’s like all my systems are shutting down and I need a jump start for my brain!  Motivation is also at an all time low.  I look at the droopy plants in my house that are crying out for water but somehow, I’m able to choose internet surfing over grabbing the watering can (which, by the way, is about 3 feet from where I am sitting)… Watering plants would require getting up and actually doing something!

I think I’m actually going to start making another “to-do”  list… this one though, in addition to “brush teeth” may actually have other daily activities on it.   I think I’ll start easy and add simple things like; brush hair, change clothes, make bed, get mail.  Hopefully, if I start slow, I can carefully nudge awake the part of my brain that’s been napping… and, I can re-engage with society!

Please share how you are combating your own Mush Brain!



  1. […] admit that I have a bit of “pregnant brain”.  It sort of brings me back to the “mush brain” I was experiencing while I was unemployed.  Sometimes I don’t make sense, my memory is […]

  2. I also suffer from Mush Brain, as a member of the popular Unemployment Club. Woody Allen once said, “I would never join a club that would have me as a member.” (or something)

    I’m elated when I take a shower before noon. It’s the little things in life. The calendar has no meaning anymore. I get depressed every time I check the employment sites. I’d like to see the pharmaceutical companies comes up with an ad for that. Hell, maybe I’ll write it myself.

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Lauren a.k.a. lauresal (via Blog Catalog)

  3. […] at any given moment.  I’m the first one to admit, now that I’m unemployed, that I have Mush Brain, and have seemingly lost some of my mental […]

  4. I had to start carrying around a little notebook and write things down. I think it had something to do with the fact my day is so unstructured? And being out of my routine?
    I started going bike riding and that seems to help me some.

  5. Not to be too serious or anything, but physical activity alleviates both mush brain and muffin top.

  6. I think I had mush brain when I first moved to Ireland – I was out of work for 3 months and it definitely had an impact. Hang in there mushy!

  7. maybe you should work on your guitar hero skills 😉

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