Posted by: Admin | August 20, 2009

Men vs Women

Every day I wake up and there’s a gift waiting for me from my husband… Now, before you get all mushy & happy for me, let me first explain.

Here is my evidence...

Here is my evidence...

These gifts take the form of an empty soda can or dirty glass or possibly some sort of crumbled food wrapper/container.  These items are precisely placed so that they are in full view on either my coffee table or my kitchen island… he’s a smart man, so he ensures there’s no way I can miss his presents!  No note, just a whole lot of love in the form of discarded items.

I’d like to speculate that he knows I have nothing to do with my day and he’s trying to help me fill my downtime with activity.   But, then I realize that the same story used to replay itself each morning even when I had a job… hmmmmmm….. maybe it’s a covert psychological test to determine my breaking point??!!  Either way, I normally trudge over to the items, scoop them up and place them where they belong..  all the while muttering under my breath “why does he do this, he knows where the trash is, arrrrgggghhhhhh”

I know my hubby is an intelligent man who surely knows how to locate the trash can or the dishwasher.  I also know many other women who have the same complaints, so why then are men so oblivious to their surroundings?  Based on my research this week, I have come to a conclusion.  Men must always be suffering from some form of Mush Brain.  It seems to be a mild case that afflicts everyone of the male gender, it may appear selective but, as I’ve learned myself this week, if you don’t exercise your mind it does indeed get mushy.  Men, just simply must not ever exercise this part of their mind… so it appears to have evolved in a way that prevents them from seeing or remembering little basic day-to-day things.

So, the next time you want to “nag” your husband about some little household item…. Remember he has a form of Mush Brain and perhaps, knowing this, you won’t get as frustrated.  Or, you could be like me, and continue to nag with the hopes that if you exercise his mind enough he’ll begin to use this mental muscle to pick up after himself!!

Good luck, if you’re hubby is anything like mine…. You’ll need it!


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  1. […] Sometimes he leaves me presents (if you need a refresher see HERE).  […]

  2. […] carries his empty soda can into the kitchen and places it on the counter ABOVE the trash […]

  3. I like your Mush Brain theory. I think that men are simply unable to see the effect of this kind of lack of consideration.

    Also explains why Men don’t see Microdirt, hence are incapable of Microcleaning:

  4. You say “Men just simply must not ever exercise this part of their mind… so it appears to have evolved in a way that prevents them from seeing or remembering little basic day-to-day things”.

    No no no… his mind hasn’t gone off, nor is he too lazy to carry the rubbish to the rubbish bin. It is a passive-aggressive way of saying that I, the man, am working my tush off and you, the woman, are at home doing nothing but watching daytime tv.

    Do not clean up his mess silently! Explain that you are chasing up every employment lead, going to interviews, updating your CV, checking with the Unemployment Office or whatever else you are doing. Suggest that if rubbish is not taken to the rubbish bin, you will leave it lying where it was dropped forever. You are not a maid and he is not a child.

    I hope and your husband are passionate about each other. That means he needs to participate in getting you through a difficult time, not sabotage your efforts.

    • Hels.. thanks for your thoughts. My only challenge (believe it or not) is that these little “gifts” he’s been leaving me didn’t start after my unemployment. He’s actually done this for years! It’s only now, that I have a significant amount of free time, that I spend the morning contemplating why he continues to be so oblivious to minute details around our house! He is actually a great guy and very supportive!

  5. Hoolahbel….. I too can sympathize with the kitchen sink / trash dilemma. Although I haven’t measured, I’d estimate our distance to be about 24 inches also. Sometimes the soda cans even make it INTO the sink (but not the trash). And, the garbage disposal certainly doesn’t work on aluminum cans! I feel your pain!

  6. My husband has a knack for placing garbage in the sink instead of the trash. mind you, it’s 24 inches between the ACTUAL garbage and kitchen sink (I checked). I don’t care it it’s eggshells or peach particles. If he says it can go down the garbage disposal, then place it there for cryin out loud. Though it would help to just place it in the garbage and take it out like all the other trash than sit in the sink waiting to be “disposal-ed.” Hey love, it’s not worth placing it in a disposal on purpose…it’s only more smelly and rotten in the long run!!!

  7. The picture is my favorite part, lol – classic

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