Posted by: Admin | August 21, 2009

Day Destroyers

I recently read an article from the folks who wrote “I Hate People” about the 10 least wanted co-workers.

The problem is, no matter where you go, you’re likely to run into people who make you shake your head and say.. “what’s wrong with people?”.   I have decided to call these folks Day Destroyers or Double D’s (DDs) for short.   Some of you may have a completely different image when I say “Double D’s” and I’d have to admit that even that version may be appropriate here as many of these people truly are boobs.   They can be so irritating that they can ruin a perfectly happy day in mere seconds.

So, co-irkers aside… Here’s my list of people to avoid.

The Redialer – First he calls your cell phone, then home phone and then office phone all within 30 seconds of one another trying to reach you.   He may call you numerous times in a row without leaving you any messages.   This is the person who doesn’t understand that when you don’t answer the phone it’s likely that you are actually busy.   He’s also the person who you push directly to voicemail the next time he tries to contact you.

Social Agitators:  These come in 2 groups:

The Social Spammer (or Facebook Flooder) – The social networking friend who pokes you, sends you cocktails, pillow fights, invites you to vampire games, mafia wars, and endless, mindless quizzes.   Not to mention the status updates to let you know they have moved from the couch with a sandwich to the patio with a beer.   (Thank you Facebook Gods for the “ignore” option)

The “Hello” Hoarder – They friend anyone & everyone they have ever said hello to.   These people are also the internet version of the nosy-body.   They have 2 desires;  to be the voyeur into everyone else’s lives and to build their self worth by showing the world.. “Hey look, I have hundreds of friends who took pity on me and accepted my friend request”.   To these folks I say, “How exactly how do I know you again”?

The Empty Roller – The person who uses the last scrap of toilet paper and doesn’t ever consider changing the roll.   He also, at times, may go so far as to grab a new roll of TP only to place it on top of the empty roll.   As if the extra effort of discarding the empty roll could use up too much extra time in his busy day.

The Space Invader – They can attack when you least expect it.   You could be waiting in line for coffee, at the post office, even lying at the beach.   They have no defined personal space and therefore when you’re near them, neither do you.   You step back, they step closer.   It’s like a game of constant movement and most of the time you can’t win.   Be careful, a stealthy Space Invader might feel like he can friend you on Facebook!

Crosswalk Collider – You are walking thru the parking lot and, just as you are about to cross the street, there he comes speeding up his car to make sure he gets past you BEFORE you’ve crossed his path.   He’s just barely missed running over your toe but he never looks back as he searches for the best parking spot.  And, the best part is, he has no idea that he’s done anything wrong.   “Hey buddy, I am a pedestrian, and I see the yield to pedestrians sign…am I invisible??”

Parking Space Poacher – After missing you at the crosswalk, Mr. Crosswalk Collider turns quickly down an aisle and inches his way into a spot just ahead of the car that’s been patiently waiting for it.   He parks, gets out of his car, still oblivious, and makes his way into the store.   As you, and the driver of the other car just shake your heads, you both wonder if anyone else would notice if you slashed his tires??!!

These are just a few of the people who have irritated me this week.

Who’s pissed you off?  Please feel free to share a story about your favorite DD!


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