Posted by: Admin | August 24, 2009

A Dollar & A Dream

.. that’s what “they” say isn’t it? To lure you in to invest money, that you may not have, into an infinitesimal shot a winning the lottery.

Hey, you never know!

Hey, you never know!

Ok, yes, this tactic works and I’ve been sucked in. The Mega Millions jackpot is now $252 Million. As I write this, I can even hear the guy’s voice on the NY lottery commercial… “Two Hundred and Fifty Two Million Dollars”. It’s gimmicky but hey, I guess you could call me a sucker.

I mean, how can I not take a chance to redirect my future? What I’m doing now sure isn’t working. And, I suppose I could build a case that searching for a job every day is sort of like playing the lottery? I mean I send resumes out there into no man’s land, and they disappear, never to be heard from again. It’s sort of the same unfulfilled feeling I get when I spend a dollar on a lottery ticket only to watch those little balls drop, quickly dashing my dreams of travel, no mortgage and a life of steak & caviar.

I should mention, that it’s not like I’m spending my last dollar and sitting on a wing & a prayer hoping for these fortunes (though it would be nice). My husband and I are not living on Ramen noodles so I can buy lottery tickets.. we are doing ok, so far. I would also like to mention, this isn’t a weekly luxury for me…. I only play when the lottery is REALLY high. Cause, you know, there’s no reason I’d want to only win $50M, if I’m gonna win, I’m gonna do it right!

Is it a ludicrous indulgence? Yeah, probably. But, I can’t help but think about how different life would be without a job, IF I was without a job by my own choosing.

So, I dug deep today, and I bought not just one but $10 worth of tickets.. yes, I’m crazy like that! I also mailed back my Publishers Clearing House entry this week. It’s so sad Ed McMahon is not around when I need him the most. But, I suppose I could settle for a visit from Dave Sayer, as long as he’s carrying a big check and a bouquet of flowers!

Hey ya never know!



  1. Oh, sorry for messing your comments – thought it will reply under your post… 😦

  2. Thank you 🙂 i guess next time i will win more because i will buy more expensive lottery stuff lol…

    Hehe, just noticed you replied to me exactly in 24 hours, at 11:01 PM… that’s sign! Next time my numbers will be 27, 8, 2, 9, 11, 1 and 24! :))

  3. Yeah you never know. I am being a poor student right know and thats the reason why from time to time i spend a minute by scratching the wee paper-thing, hoping that the sum of three numbers will be equal to 7 / 11 / 21.

    And you wouldnt guess, for the first time i really won. I won the same amount i spent on it…. Ridiculous, i should be grateful but it really pissed me off :))

    Anyway, good luck… 🙂

    • Snoodle.. best of luck to you as well. Hopefully the next pay out will be slightly larger for you!

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