Posted by: Admin | August 25, 2009

The ABC’s of Unemployment

Well, I had an interview last week and I still haven’t heard back from the company yet, so today I woke up in a bit of a funk.. which has somehow translated to my own version of “Unemployment ABCs”.    This is meant to be entertaining.. not depressing.   So, here we go…………….

A  is for the Apples I should be eating
B  is for the Blog I write instead
C  is for the Career that’s slowly dying
D  is for the rejection that I Dread

is for Earnings that I wish for
F  is for the Feeling of despair
G  is for Goal I have to succeed
H  is for the Hope I have to share

is for the Insomnia that I now have
J  is for the Jokes I try to fake
K  is for the Kindness from my family
L  is for the Life I try to make

M  is for the Money that I don’t have
N  is for “No’s” I seem to get
O  is for Opportunity that I long for
P  is for the Payment of my debt

Q  is for the Quandry that I’m now in
R  is for the Resumes I write
S  is for the Search that seems forever
T  is for the Timing that’s never right

U  is for my current Unemployment
V  is for the Voice I need to find
W is for the Wishes I make daily
X  is for the eXit from the job I left behind

Y  is for the “Yes” I long to hear
Z  is for the Zero calls I get



  1. Thanks for bringing ‘lost’ smile to my face. Wish you luck.

  2. That was excellent! Seriously! And I will contribute to your mondebriation any time

  3. did you ever consider doing cards? Or short stories?

    Have faith

  4. Humor and poetry are both very therapeutic. Good way to distract yourself until the new job rolls around.

  5. Thanks for the entertainment. I am in the same boat and its rough but it has to get better.

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