Posted by: Admin | August 28, 2009

Cash For Crummy Fridges…

Everything in Life is Timing…..

And, apparently my clock is not set on the proper time.  If it was, my ice cream would not be melting.  (And,  how can an unemployed gal live without her ice cream?) fridge

We’ve been fighting it for a couple of weeks, but today is the day I think we need to retire our trusty old fridge.  Yes, the same fridge that provided me with some very focused activity about 2 weeks ago.  My frozen items well, they just haven’t been quite “frozen” lately.   My ice cream is mushy, the hamburgers are slightly defrosted and my ice pops, well, let’s just say they are no longer living up to their name.   And, our repair method of denial has just not been working, as was illustrated by the pool of water underneath the fridge this morning.

As an unemployed person I’m sure you can imagine, that the last thing we need right now is an expenditure for a new appliance.

Aside from the obvious, here’s where more bad timing comes in to play.

Cash For Clunkers :  You’ve all heard of this program and perhaps you were even able to take advantage of it!

Cash For Cribs : I just read about this program yesterday that will allow you to take advantage of discounts if you need new children’s items and you have trade-ins.

Cash For Crummy Fridges :  This is the one I’m upset about.  It’s a program that won’t start until October.  (And yes, I did make that name up.. but it looks like there truly will be a cash back for appliances program!).  This will be in addition to any Energy Star rebates currently available.

So again, my timing is horrible!  I had a heart to heart with my fridge today and although he’s been a trusty friend lately, he doesn’t think he can hang on until the Fall.   Perhaps I’ll be putting yet another Pity Pail  at my front door that says something like  “Fives for Fridges” or “Cash for Cold Food”.  Do you think anyone will donate?



  1. I heat my icecream in the microwave to get just the consistency you’re avoiding. How ironic.

    • Davis, the saddest part is we normally do leave the ice cream on the counter to defrost a little before we eat it!! It’s far too soupy even for that. Not to mention, I’m more concerned about the defrosted meat etc.. than the ice cream! (although, the ice cream is pretty high on the list!) 🙂

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