Posted by: Admin | September 2, 2009

Recession Proof Industries?

Today I’ve been thinking about getting a new job….  Actually, more specifically, I’m thinking about getting laid off from a new job.  


I know it’s not healthy to be thinking about this before I’ve even been offered a new job, so I suppose I might be getting ahead of myself… But, I think I’m a bit scarred by my lay off and it’s carrying over to my thoughts about my next role!   I hear so many stories about people who’ve been laid off 2 or 3 times in as many years and it’s depressing!

I should mention that I was working in a “Recession Proof” industry….. The Liquor Industry.   As the saying goes, when people are happy they drink.   And, when they are sad they drink.  I myself am a testimony to this philosophy (if you’ve been playing along, you know all about my Pity Pail for Beer Money).  This job, by the way, turned out to be not so recession proof for me.  There are a whole lot of factors involved that I won’t get into but suffice to say, I was with a small company that was gobbled up by a monster size company and poof, my job was gone!

So, “Recession Proof” or not, I find myself unemployed right now and wondering where the next career step will take me.  In a bad economy small companies get bought out or close down & huge companies downsize.. so, is anywhere safe??

After some careful consideration, I think come up with my own list of “Recession Proof” industries.. perhaps I’ll start job hunting these today! (Disclaimer:  These suggestions are based on no factual data)

SHOELACES – With Back To School sales all over the place, I realized that shoelaces must be a good business.  After all, shoes are a necessity and there must always be a demand for shoes. Although, I’m going to guess that many, if not all of our shoelaces are manufactured somewhere in Asia.  I think this could be a good, secure industry.. and hey, I sure do like shoes!

M&Ms – If you were reading along yesterday, you know that M&Ms are a way to feel better about yourself.  There’s even proof that candy sales have increased  in the midst of a horrible economy.  Imagine if I could eat free M&Ms whenever I wanted!!!

TOILET PAPER – To me this one is a no brainer… if times are so tough that you can’t buy TP, I’m almost not sure what to say.  This gives a whole new meaning to Empty Roller

CONDOMS – With less money and more daily stresses people are more apt to want to ensure that there are no “ooops” surprises!”…. and, imagine how popular I’d be at parties if I could hand out free condoms to all of my friends??!! 

FUNERALS – Let’s be honest here… this is a good old staple industry.. in good times & in bad times people die.  There’s no way around it.  Although I’m not sure that I’d be able to trade my unemployed depression for all that sadness.  It might be more than I could handle!

I’m open to other suggestions if you have them… Please share!



  1. I also support the M&M route! What a fun and tasty job that would be.

  2. You would have to keep Aunt Ellen’s supply up if you went down the M&M route – they’re her favorite! I love the peanut butter ones but they don’t sell them here 😦

  3. I support the M&M route

  4. I thought I was in a recession-proof industry, education, but alas, no. Still have a job, but had to take a pay cut to keep it. As for the condoms, tehre are an awful lot of “recession special” babies out there, so I’m not sure about that one… but toilet paper, fer sure (except No Impact Man – he made his family go toilet paper free. I would have divorced him)

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