Posted by: Admin | September 3, 2009

Is This Thing Working?

Ever watch someone pick up the phone only to make sure there really is a dial tone? 

It’s one of the saddest illustrations of what I’ve decided to call, Abandonment Anxiety…. and, as much as I hate to admit it…. I’m guilty of it.. I think I’m fully into Stage 1 of A.A. (Another Symptom of Unemployment )

Why isn't this thing ringing?

Why isn't this thing ringing?

Has everyone forgotten about me? Do people not realize I’m still here, doing nothing?  Are they afraid to call me because they don’t know what to say?  Or, perhaps with my Mush Brain I’ve lost my ability to have coherent conversations so they avoid talking to me?  Whatever the reason, the fact remains…. my phone doesn’t ring and I think I’m starting to feel abandoned!

As my unemployed days continue to tick by, my phone rings less and less.  Now I can go through entire days (and sometimes multiple days) without speaking to anyone.  I used to work a field based job before I was laid off and I had the phone practically attached to my ear.  So, I guess you could say I’m suffering a bit from some withdrawal (a cold turkey version of giving up the phone). 

  • I send out resumes, no one calls. 
  • I send out telepathic requests to friends, no one calls. 
  • I email Ellen DeGeneres & Oprah, no one calls.  

What have I done to deserve this?  Or, what can I do to get people to call me?  I suppose this request can go both ways… yes, I can call other people.  But, I try to respect the fact that other people are working and they probably wouldn’t welcome a call from me at 2:00pm during their work day to discuss the laundry I did today or the watering of my plants. 

Aha! Perhaps I’m onto something… maybe, no matter what time of the day it is, people don’t want to hear about laundry, plants or my miserable job hunt.  Maybe that’s why they don’t call? 

I’m still hopeful that I’ll get a call or 2 each day.  I don’t think I’m a downer on the phone with people?  I still try to be positive, witty, and entertaining with my stories so people don’t dread talking to me…and I to be honest, I do try to talk about more than household chores and my current state of joblessness!   I’m actively trying hard to avoid entering into Stage 2  Abandonment Anxiety which is actually ignoring calls from people because I have nothing to talk to them about.  God forbid, this day comes… as I think this would the day my hubby sends me for some therapy!

I’m still here people, I’m the same crazy girl you always used to call… I’m anxiously waiting to talk to you but, call me soon, before I run out of things to say!!



  1. don’t forget I’m home from work at 2:00 your time usually so Skype me up! I’d love to hear from you 🙂 Love you and know we are always thinking about you.

  2. I bet if you posted your number on your blog you’d get all KINDS of fascinating calls – you could probably start another whole blog about it!!

    • JJ…. I bet that’s completely true and it could possibly provide some amazing entertainment! Although, I’m not sure hubby would appreciate this new endeavor!

  3. I think this happened to me in reverse. I think I had stage 2 first where for the first 2 months or so of my unemployment I avoided phone calls because I had nothing to say. Then when I finally decided I wanted to start talking to people again I realized no one was calling. Sad. Being unemployed is much harder than I thought. Stay strong.


    • Kelly, I can totally relate… I guess I have to admit there are definitely a handful of people I don’t want to talk to … I can’t handle those that want to do nothing but try to “make it all better”. There is nothing that can be said that will make me feel better. Just let me stew & blog and I’ll make it through this 🙂
      Good luck to you!

  4. I think the ‘dial-tone check’ is still a more dignified version of the ‘inbox check’ where a person who has lost all self-respect will send an e-mail to themselves just to make sure that their e-mail is working and that there is no fiendish conspiracy on the part of Microsoft/Yahoo/Google to force them into social isolation.

    Technology has at least allowed these little foibles to occur in private. In days long ago, those with A.A. would actually have to make the physical journey out to the letterbox to confirm their dereliction, in full view of a merciless public.

    • Sillion… your comment literally made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that, these days I need a good laugh!! I haven’t yet emailed myself, but I could easily see how it might progress to that!

  5. hi baby, maybe you should take us off the do not call list. 😉

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