Posted by: Admin | September 5, 2009


Today, I’d like to address another Symptom of Unemployment…. Not having any clue what day it is. 

The longer I’m unemployed, the quicker the days roll into one another and the weeks speed by and before I know it the month has ended.  The only reason I know today is Saturday is because my husband didn’t get up to go to work this morning… beyond that, it’s generally a crap shoot.  Even when I’m having conversations with people, I find myself saying things like.. “yeah, I went to the grocery store on Wednesday, no wait, maybe it was Tuesday.. hmmmmm… you know what, it actually might have been last week”.  Perhaps this is another symptom of Mush Brain, or maybe it’s just that my mind is in a “happy place” since I’m always on “my own time”?!  Or, probably more accurate is the fact that I’m trying to make myself feel better by rationalizing why I’ve become so stupid.  Rationalization is a defense mechanism against those people that are looking at me sideways while I stumble saying it’s “Frimondurday”.  All the while these thoughts are going through my head….

Then of course my mushy brains says, wait,  if it’s Pity they are feeling.. maybe now’s the perfect moment to hit them up for a donation to the Pity Pail?? 

One other watch out for anyone suffering from Day Amnesia is organizing your bill payment schedule.  As someone who is pinching pennies and trimming unnecessary spending, you should probably focus on paying your bills on time.  The challenge is that your inability to keep on track with dates & days of the week works in direct conflict with maintaining a system of bill paying.

When all else fails, your best bet to help get you realigned with the rest of the world, or at least to differentiate between weekdays & weekends, is to just turn on your TV and check to see if there’s an episode of Oprah airing today, if so, you can be pretty sure it’s a Monday-Friday! 

Beyond that tip… I’m sorry to say, you’re on your own!!


  1. Oh my dear, with Fluffy Bear and I *both* at home all day – we were laid off within a week of each other – I feel like you are taking the words out of my mouth.

    At least you know when it is the weekend, because your husband doesn’t go to work… I don’t even have that. Thank God for the little time and date function on my laptop!

    But that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages to being unemployed, my darling. Not least of all, we can have a sense of humor about it…


    • IBC.. How right you are! Without a bit of humor in my daily life, being jobless would be even harder to survive. A touch of levity and the ability to laugh help to keep me grounded and even, on occasion, makes me smile 🙂

  2. I’m retired, so I have the same experience. But with me it’s wonderful-I couldn’t care less. All my time is my own-I don’t live by a clock or a calendar-and I love it.

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