Posted by: Admin | September 9, 2009

The Summer That Never Was

As I sit here in my elastic waist shorts, wondering if my muffin top has finally become a bundt cake, I can’t help but wonder WHY?  No, not why my belly is bigger (I know that answer – too many cookies and no exercise) But instead..  Why did the Summer pass us by this year?  We just celebrated Labor Day, the weekend that for all intensive purposes, marks the end of the summer.  Kids are going back to school, workers who had ½ day summer Fridays are back to full time, the Bennies who come in droves to the Jersey Shore have finally hung up their bathing suits and left me with my quiet, traffic free roads & beaches (thank God for this, as I can finally now drive 10 minutes away in only 10 minutes!).

But I have to admit there is a sadness and an emptiness.  This was the first summer in my adult life, where I was given the gift of free time and, how was I rewarded??  With crappy weather, gloomy days and a Summer that never quite got going.  It’s downright depressing and, to put it plain and simple… I want a do over!i'm sorry

The worse part of it all, is that I feel the need to apologize to the nation.  It rained a lot in Jersey early in the summer and right after I got laid off, I joked with people that I had now guaranteed a summer of miserable weather… I think I even posted this on Facebook.  It was as if I was mocking the Gods of Summer to see if they would indeed fulfill my prophecy.  And, well, they sure didn’t disappoint.  So, for those of you who update your FB status with occasional witty, prophetic statements, be careful what you put out there into the world, it just might come back to bite you in the ass!

If I hadn’t lost my job, and gained all this free time, I’m certain it would have been a beautiful, sunny & warm summer.  It’s almost as if the weather was a direct reflection of my mood swings for the past 3 months… and for this I truly apologize.  Perhaps if everyone had known that I could control the weather by power of suggestion, they would have worked harder to help find me a job?

So, I’ll put this out there now…. As we move into the Fall & Winter, if you don’t want ice storms, blizzards and quite possibly a Christmas without Santa Clause… .please, please, please help me find a new job!  (this is not a threat by any means…I just seem to have established a pretty good track record and this way you can’t say that I didn’t warn you)



  1. We had a blisteringly hot summer and I am so sorry that it is over. I just wish that I had agreed with my husband that I would take the first month off, or take August off, or something, so that I could JUST RELAX and enjoy it.

    Instead I job hunted frantically, then needed to rest, then felt guilty for enjoying the nice weather.

    I feel like I need a holiday.

    I say we DO OVER too!

    • IBC,
      I know the feeling. I went from working full time to job hunting full time without so much as a moment to breath. I think in July, I was actually putting in more hours per day into the job hunt than I had been into my old job! Even though there weren’t many nice days here, I still felt very guilty trying to enjoy them. The unemployment stress is ever-present. Whether I’m job hunting online, sitting by the pool, or trying to sleep.. there’s just no escape!

  2. she isnt kidding. I have seen her impact on many levels. For god sake, get her a job.

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