Posted by: Admin | September 14, 2009

Here Comes The Dancing Hamster

I am a football widow. 

The best gift for the Football Widow in your life!

The best gift for the Football Widow in your life!

As I’m sure you know, this past weekend marked the beginning of football season. My hubby, who is a die hard Giants fan, headed off, season tickets in hand, to tailgate about 5 hours before the game started yesterday.  Hubby loves his NFL.  In general, I am a sports fan.  But I sure don’t glue myself to the TV and, I don’t have the need to watch any particular sport on any given day.   So, as football season rolls around each year, I know that for 16 weeks I’ll be losing hubby.   I know I’m in trouble as soon as I see the dancing hamster with the Giants jersey come out to sit in it’s place of honor on our TV — this is it’s home for all of football season.  (I know, I’m a lucky gal!)

While I was employed I’ll admit, it was nice to get almost a full day to myself each week, as the boys got together to watch their Men in Blue.  The days when there was a home game and they would all get up early to drive to the stadium to tailgate, were especially nice since I could sleep in late and meander through my Sundays. 

But now.. that I sleep in late EVERY DAY and I sit home alone EVERY DAY, and I crave conversation EVERY DAY.  I think this football season I’ll need to either acquire a greater interest in that little flying pigskin or I’ll need to find some other lonely football widows to share my day with me.

As hubby always says.. I’m lucky he really only follows football and that I don’t lose him to a different sport as the seasons change.  To all of you out there with significant others who transition from one sport to another all year long, I really feel for you!!

Dancing hamster

And, I’m happy to say…. the hamster only sings when they win…  so the good (or bad) news is that he’s already sung once this year!!

G O  G I A N T S !!!!




(In case you are wondering where you can buy the Koozie I have pictured.  It can be found HERE )



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  3. the hamster sings We Are The Champions by Queen in a hamster voice and does a little dance. Tradition is tradition. Go Giants!!

    love ya babe

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