Posted by: Admin | September 21, 2009

Ahoy Mateys.. Welcome Aboard!

pirateIn case you didn’t know, this past Saturday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day…. Which, for some unknown reason I find quite comical (if only in small doses)!   And, for those of you who don’t know this… you can actually change your Facebook language to “English – Pirate” (this way, when you get your update emails, you can exercise your mush brain to figure out exactly what they are saying!).  So, if you’d like to join me today, I’ll be celebrating “Pirate Speak” a couple of days late.  I guess, along with the unemployment boredom comes the ability to find even the most stupid things funny. 

Avast ye mateys an’ join me sittin’ in me house talkin’ like a pirate.  Sit yerself back an’ enjoy me merry yarn.

Me know it’s hard t’ believe, but me be busy this weekend.. wit’ a weddin’ & a baby shower.  I got t’ hang out wit’ me hearties an’ some wenches.  It be a gran’ ol’ time… we be celebratin’ wit’ some grog an’ some dancin’!

Aye, me weekend be filled wit’ drinkin’ an’ merriment.  Shiver me timbers an’ heave ho’ me troubles!  

Arrrgh, Monday comes an’ me be walkin’ the plank back to the land o’ unemployment.

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Hoist th’ main sail an’ steer her towards the horizon!   We be lookin’ for th’ booty (otherwise known as a job).  Hoist the colors an’ don’t take any blather from any landlubber what don’t have no appreciation for the ways of the pirate. Sometimes it simply ain’t enough to talk the talk.

So there you have it… I’m back to the job hunt today.   Maybe if I changed my cover letter to include some pirate speak it would set me apart from other candidates??  Or, more realistically, it would probably solidify another 6 months of job searching!   And, if my puppy Maggie’s sideways head turn is any indication of how others feel about the crazy pirate babble, it should probably stay right where it is.. me, talking to myself, at home, on my couch. I can tell that she thinks I’m nuts… and, well, maybe I am??!!



  1. I am a bit concerned.

    • sorry honey 🙂

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