Posted by: Admin | September 22, 2009

A Vacation From My “Laycation”

This coming weekend hubby and I will celebrate our 6 year anniversary.  While this will still be a happy occasion for us, I have to admit, it won’t come with the same excitement and anticipation that it normally does.  The shadow cast by my unemployment makes it somehow less celebratory.  Every year, since we were married, we’ve made it a point to take a week of vacation to celebrate our anniversary… and, well it’s just not prudent for us to vacation right now.  

While smart spending should be first and foremost in my mind, I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m desperate for a vacation.  This “laycation” is just not cutting it.  I need pristine beaches, frozen cocktails, cute sundresses, room service and housekeeping for me to feel like I’m “away from work”.  We all know that the “away from work” that I’m currently experiencing leaves much to be desired. 

I recently read an article by Trip Advisor that provided a list of the Top 10 Hotels Under $19/night (no joke!).  This got me all excited until I realized, I’d somehow need to fund travel to get to these great hotels.  And, although we’re ambitious, I don’t think we can easily drive from NJ to Cambodia or Ho Chi Minh City.  So, here we sit, wondering what to do with ourselves that won’t “break the bank” but will still allow us to feel as though we are enjoying a vacation this year. 

Isn’t it ironic that a lay off affords you all the time in the world to do anything that enters your mind… until of course you realize that there’s this one tiny thing standing in your way…. Lack of Funds.  Do I see another “pity pail” in my future .. (probably not,  since my front entryway is getting pretty cluttered)!? 

So, maybe I’ll have to go with the old standard 6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 

The Traditional Gift is: CANDY – I guess they figure if you’ve made it through 6 years together it’s ok to start packing on the pounds!  There’s no better way to cultivate the muffin top than a fantastic gift of sugar & sweets.  (it’s too bad, I don’t have that “recession proof” job selling M&Ms, it would come in quite handy right now!) 

The Modern Gift is: IRON  – Hmmmm.. Iron, that’s an interesting gift.  Maybe some fireplace accessories so hubby can use the poker to get me out of my pajamas?  Or perhaps a cast iron pan so hubby can hit me over the head with it when I start speaking Pirate?  Or maybe it’s just so I can do more cooking (what is this, the fatten up your spouse anniversary??).  

On second thought, since neither of those ideas will work, we’ll just have to find a driveable, pocket book friendly, weekend getaway.  This way we can still vacation during my “laycation” and still be able to pay our bills.   And, hopefully by next year we’ll be able to fly to Katmandu to take advantage of that $6 hotel room!



  1. I heeeeear you.. we’ve been doing mini-getaways and you’d be surprised how fulfilling they are! jersey shore in the fall is not exactly frozen cocktails but still great to walk the boards and be together…

  2. The other option is a spa day with DVDs and good takeout and wine when you get home. A good spa day can make you FEEL like you’ve had a holiday.

  3. I am in the same boat. My 40th birthday is coming up.
    Fluffy Bear investigated the airmiles options and called American Express to see what we could get on points. Cheap airfair plus THREE FREE NIGHTS in a hotel later, we are ready for a fabdabulous break in the sun!
    Check out any loyalty points you have on any card you possess. Check out Costco deals. And of course,

  4. vacation desperation….I feel you. Not to worry it will come around. Love you.

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