Posted by: Admin | September 23, 2009

How Could I Improve My Unemployment?

I know… toss in some sniffles, headaches and overall discomfort..

In my book, there’s only one thing that’s better than being unmotivated, tired and unemployed… and that’s having HORRIBLE seasonal allergies plus, being unmotivated, tired and unemployed. 

(I do say this with as much sarcasm as possible). 

I’d describe how I’ve felt this past week as miserable and quite possibly dying.  While I know that no one really ever dies of seasonal allergies, I can only imagine how many people wish that something would happen to take them out of their misery. 

I cannot breath, my nose is running and the most confusing of all allergy symptoms, the roof of my mouth, back of my throat and inside my nose all itch like nobody’s business. 

(I’ve never understood that statement  “like nobody’s business”.. what the heck does it mean.  I understand how it could apply perhaps in the circumstance I just used it, cause nobody really wants to know about the itch I have in my nasal passages.. but why, with regard to other statements, would anything be “nobody’s business”.  If you are using this phrase, you are likely making it other people’s business… aren’t you??)   

I googled it and I can’t find the origin.. no googleation  for me today!

Sorry,  that was quite a tangent. Maybe it’s the medication??!!

My Local "Weed" Pollen Count

My Local "Weed" Pollen Count

As you can see from the chart above, better days are not coming.  If the count was only HIGH for the past few days, I can only imagine how I’m going to feel on Fri/Sat!

Anyhow, I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had one of those odd medication reactions.. you know, the one where you take the medication that “may cause drowsiness” and find yourself flipping through TV channels at 3:00am.  After I finally dragged myself to bed, and saw 4:00am tick by, I knew I was in trouble.  I even considered coming back downstairs, but I stayed in bed and by sheer force of will convinced myself that I needed to sleep. 

Today I am starting this fun cycle all over again.   My allergist once told me “you are allergic to NJ”.  September is the only time of the year that I’d consider job hunting in the desert!  Maybe that would open up a whole new world of opportunity for me??



  1. I completely understand how you feel. I have had a horrible cold – courtesy of Fluffy Bear – and I have taken almost two weeks to get rid of it.

    I am also not that motivated on the job hunt. What I try to do is one thing (job application/reach out to a contact) per day and one networking event per week. That’s all I can even consider managing.

    I didn’t do anything while I was sick.

    OK, I did some things. Not much.

    Bummer was, I had just got my motivation again before getting this cold.

    Don’t beat yourself up. Just keep the forward momentum.

  2. FOr relief try Claritin Reditabs. They melt right on your tongue, last 24 hours and do not make you drowsy or feel jittery. Next ask your DR. for Fluticonase (spelling!) Spray in each nostril once and repeat about 8 hrs later.

    Rinse or gargle with salted warm to hot water.

    You’ll feel all better soon!

    • Thanks Theresa! I’ve gone through “trying” quite a few OTC solutions. So far, the only one that’s helping is Benedryl (and I might as well plan to sleep the entire day, if this is the one I need to take!) I’ll give the reditabs a shot!

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