Posted by: Admin | September 24, 2009

Why Is Nothing Ever Easy?

I can’t believe how many posts I have dedicated to my refrigerator in this blog. But, it seems to be the bane of my existence this summer.

  1. There was the post about the long overdue fridge purge
  2. Then there was the day that it completely pooped out on me
  3. Then, of course, there was the new fridge shopping extravaganza with hubby.

Well, today believe it or not, it’s making it’s 4th appearance. So, let me bring you up to date, in case you haven’t been playing along.

  • I lost my job
  • I’m penny pinching
  • Stuff in freezer appears to not be frozen
  • Problem is ignored in hopes it will just go away
  • Milk is expiring before it’s expiration date
  • Give up and realize we MUST buy a new fridge
  • Discover mega fridge of all fridges on sale over Labor Day weekend
  • Fridge is delivered and everyone lives happily ever after….

No wait, that’s not how this fairy tale ends.

There is one component I left out of this story.. I was trying to spare you all the gory details, but since it’s reared it’s ugly head, I feel the need to share.

There are custom cabinets in our kitchen. Our fridge was pretty old. The “standard” fridges sold in today’s market are approx 3 inches taller than our old fridge. (are you starting to see the problem??)

So, hubby disassembled the cabinets over the fridge so it would fit when it was delivered… but, we’ve been living with pieces of cabinetry strewn all over as we try to figure out how to cost effectively modify the existing cabinets. This project is somewhat over our heads. So, yesterday the professional cabinet guy came over to take a look.

“This really isn’t all that complicated, I can just reconstruct the cabinet and create new custom size doors to match .. should run you about $500. ”

“$500??? Oh god, I lost my job and I was hoping for a fix in the neighborhood of say $150? ”

“Hmmmm…. That could be tough. They are well made doors, let’s look for a label in the cabinets to see if we can find the manufacturer”

(cabinets open, drawers are pulled out… interesting… .no labels anywhere!)

“That’s odd, I’ve never seen a full set of cabinets that are not stickered or stamped somewhere with info”

“Welcome to my life …..

So, this really, really nice cabinet guy proceeds to give me a list of cabinet warehouses that I need to go to in order to try to identify the manufacturer. He seems to think if we knew who made them we could just order resized doors from them (he said this would probably be about $80 a door…. A much nicer # than his $500!).  He even said he’d help us modify the rest for almost nothing  (I honestly think he took pity on me!)

I swear nothing is ever easy, no project ever goes smoothly.. and why should I assume that buying a new fridge would be JUST that. Buying a new fridge.

I guess I’ll be cabinet door shopping for the next few days…. Wish me luck!



  1. […] that held our old fridge, we had to remove the cabinet doors & bottom above the fridge.  We debated on having new custom doors made.  We debated on a full kitchen remodel to get cabinets we like.  We debated on making it into some […]

  2. I totally hear you. Try buying curtains in my new-old house. The house was renovated before we moved in, so the windows are all new… and 1/4″ off of the standard window sizes. Can’t buy a curtain anywhere, have to make them or have them made. It’s maddening.

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