Posted by: Admin | September 25, 2009

What Month Is It Again??

I know I’ve posted that I sometimes forget which day of the week it is as I stumble in conversation referring to each and every day as Frimundurday.  But today, I actually had to do a double take about what month it is. 

And, the irony here is that it didn’t have any direct correlation to my unemployment (imagine that!). 

Today I saw something that just simply makes no sense to me.

  • Something that borders on lunacy (at least in my book)
  • Something that makes even a normal person:  Stop. Take a second glance. Then check the date on their watch.
  • Something that on many levels, makes me just plain sad.

Are you still with me??  Is the suspense building???

Well, today I ran some errands and at TWO separate stores, I saw…………


Full fledged, decorated, ornaments dangling, snowmen smiling, Christmas displays.

 christmas in september

 I immediately thought to myself…. 

But then, I realized that no.. .in the midst of a crappy economy they have actually started Christmas in September this year.  You all have probably seen in it years past, stores stretch the holiday buying season just a wee bit   l o n g e r   each year.  It irritates the crap out of me.  I love holidays, all holidays.. and I love to enjoy them each independent of one another.  I also like to enjoy them in a relevant timeframe from the actual holiday (I know, I must be nuts!).  And, every year as Christmas inches further away from December it makes me sad.

There’s something magical and special about Christmastime.  And, some of that magic is lost when I start seeing Christmas displays, next to a clearance sale of outdoor grills and patio furniture.  I live in a state with very defined seasons and I want to enjoy EACH season to the fullest.  And these retailers are all working to ruin this for me

Right now I’m thinking spiced apples,. pumpkins, ghosts and goblins… not snow, santa & stockings. 

Mass Retailers… Please, Oh, Please stop rushing me into the future. 

I want to work on enjoying today and tomorrow before I start thinking about 2010.  And, as my job hunt continues, I sure don’t want to start thinking about Christmas yet!



  1. So in October we should start getting New Year’s cards. Why don’t we just combine all the holidays into one like you did for the days of the week, which I love by the way.

    Call it: hollowchristthanksnewsday

    What month is this again?

    Is tomorrow Frimundurday?

    Lauren (the other one)

  2. Did you see my facebook post from August – I got a Christmas catalogue (I kid you not) just before Jason’s birthday. Now if that isn’t some messed up crap I don’t know what is!

  3. wtf…there is no stopping the retail holiday machine you silly goose.

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