Posted by: Admin | September 28, 2009

Fall Is A Season Of Change

Well, the seasons are changing…. right along with my waistline.  And, while one of these may be colorful and beautiful, I can assure you, the other is not. 

As it gets cooler, I’m forced to start thinking about that Fall/Winter rearrange of my drawers.  You know the activity I’m talking about…. the one that mourns the end of summer and hopefully celebrates the crisp cooler weather of the Fall.  The one that forces you to go through your wardrobe piece by piece wondering at times…. 

  • Why did I even buy this?
  • Were purple polka dots ever really cool? 
  • Did this teeny, tiny tank top ever really fit me?
  • Oh man, I’ve been looking for this pair of shorts all summer!
  • Wow, this is outfit is so bad….maybe I should keep it out and wear it for Halloween. 

This year, I have to admit that this activity has taken on a whole new twist for me.

  • I sadly remove my bathing suits from my every-day drawers (as I wistfully remember the frozen mudslide I was drinking at the pool when I last wore them). 
  • My cute strappy sundresses get shifted to the back of the closet (as I think back to how cute I looked during those summer bbqs)
  • My summer PJs are even getting shifted to the back of the drawer (as I remember all those hot summer days, that I sat on my couch blogging, avoiding putting the air conditioner on to save money, and snacking on whatever was in the kitchen).

Ahhhhhh, the memories. 

You may have noticed a theme in each of these snapshots of my happy summer moments.  But, in case you missed it, I’ll highlight it for you.  In each and every memory, I was either drinking or eating something.  So, I guess it should be no surprise that as I try to transition to my Fall wardrobe, I have concerns.  Not concerns about how much my muffin top will spill over my pants,  but concerns about not being able to zip up and button my pants at all.

This is not me yet.. but it's going on my new fridge as motivation for me!

This is not me yet.. but it's going on my new fridge as motivation for me!

I guess, the reality of 3 full months of unemployment has really “settled in”.  I jiggle and roll in places that I’ve never had to worry about before.  I guess, I need to come clean and admit that my Active Leisure plan is not working.   Well, I guess the plan would be working if I were exercising the plan properly.  And, raising beer glasses, carrying cookie packages and walking to the mail box have not been successful exercise strategies.

So, if I don’t want to have to go shopping and buy new clothes/pajamas (instead of groceries) with Uncle Sam’s next check.  And, if I don’t want to wind up like this poor woman I’ve pictured to the right…. I need to get moving and activate the “Active” part of my leisure!  Otherwise, I’ll surely be exercising the other element of my blog title in a way that was never intended…. As I settle into my LEISURE suits as my wardrobe of choice for the winter (after all, they do have stretchy waistbands!!)



  1. I TOLD you not to post that picture of me on your blog! Heehee…seriously- where did you get a picture of my fat stomach? 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I agree with JJ – layering! Best part of winter – nobody has to know

  3. OOOH, but the flip side is chunky sweaters, layering, and snuggling into clothes! I LOVE fall wardrobe, I get to see all my beloved cardigans, sweater jackets, and boots!

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