Posted by: Admin | October 5, 2009

Thinking “Out Of The Box”

I read an article yesterday about using “out of the box” tactics in your job search.  This MSN Careers article can be found here.

It provides some Do’s & Don’ts with regard to how just how far you should go, to set yourself apart, when applying for jobs.

I’m all about creative,  “out of the box” ideas.  So, I’ve given some thought to how I could maybe put some unique job search tactics into practice for my own job search.

Let me take you back to an older post of mine…. my self determined Recession Proof Industries

I’ll run through each one, as I share with you my new resume submission ideas.  I’m not suggesting you do any of these things but, if you know someone who wants to hire a sales & marketing professional who has come up with some amazing out of the box strategies… please feel free to give them my email address!


  • Do you remember string art?  What if I created a beautiful work of string art with SHOELACES that highlights my resume & job qualifications
  • What if I wrapped up my resume in an envelope made of nothing but woven shoelaces and hand delivered it to their offices?

M&Ms – (I’ll even broaden this to include another chocolate company: Hershey).  Although I love M&Ms, I’d settle for just simply selling chocolate!

  • What if I order some of those custom message M&Ms and have each candy communicate my strengths & experience… “Hardworking”,  “Creative”, “Goal Focused” and so on and then I mail these (along with my real resume) to HR
  • What if I order a custom message Hershey Bar that acts as my resume?? Previous Experience, Key Accomplishments all outlined in chocolate… what could be better than that?

TOILET PAPER  (I’m sure you can see where I’m going here…. )

  • A single TP square, fan style, book of my resume highlights and best traits.. bound together by tampon strings (after all Charmin is owned by Proctor & Gamble who also owns Tampax)
  • A cover sheet on my resume with a picture of my dog in the middle of her toilet paper massacre where her shredded bits of TP that just happen to spell out my name

CONDOMS  (Mom.. don’t read this one….)

  • Reference letters from any of my ex-boyfriends or any friends for that matter, testifying that I encourage the use of condoms and would make a great employee
  • A hand delivered bouquet of blown up condoms with my strengths and accomplishments hand written on each one

FUNERALS (I don’t want to upset anybody here.. so I think I’m gonna leave this one alone)

Whether or not you agree with any of these tactics, you have to admit I’d be noticed.  I’m just not sure, if it would be a “good” noticed vs a “bad” noticed.  Just like the article says, you really don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or do anything too crazy…. or you may just wind up on the “Do Not Ever Hire” list.

And…. given the amount of responses I seem to be getting from my resume (or lack of responses as it may be) I guess I have to wonder if I’m already on that list in some places???!!!

I have heard of including a “headshot” type image at the top of your resume so interviewers can better identify you and remember you.  I only have one piece of advice if you decide to do this …

Please just make sure you change out of your pajamattire and comb you hair before you take the picture!  (hmmmmm…. maybe that’s why they’re not calling??)


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