Posted by: Admin | October 7, 2009

How Low Can You Go?

There’s an interesting dynamic that occurs, if you’re unemployed and job hunting…. I’ll illustrate this with a little Unemployment Trend Analysis

 The longer you search for a job, the lower your standards go.



The longer you search for a job, the lower your salary requirements go.



The longer you search for a job the longer your willing to drive.



And perhaps worse of all, is the Motivation Chart


As you can see, the length of your unemployment is inversely proportional to many things that are generally important to you.  So, I’ll get back to my initial question.. which is “How Low Can You Go”.  And, I don’t necessarily mean how low on the motivation chart.. cause I know, that I’ve dipped pretty dang low on this scale.

My question comes to you today as a result of the wonderful job board called Monster.

Early in my job hunt I decided to make my resume “viewable” to employers on Monster.  I figured, what the heck, the more exposure I can get the better!  I won’t be picky about how a good job comes to me, I’ll just hope that one does.  And, if by some miracle, it comes to me via a company cold calling ME simply because my resume really wow’d them on Monster … well Yippee Kay Ye to me!

What I didn’t realize is all the calls or emails I’d get from companies I don’t want to work for, with jobs that I don’t want.    If I had a nickel for every insurance or “collections” company that’s called me about a “great job”, maybe I wouldn’t have to collect a government check this week.   And, get this… I even got a email from a local car dealer (no, not to sell me a car) but to see if I’d want a job?  WHAT??  I read the news, I listen to the President… the car industry is struggling…. And, you want me to consider working for you?  I may be unemployed but I’m not crazy!

So, no offense to anyone who does indeed work for Aflac or First Investors…… Thanks, but No Thanks…. I’m not that low yet.


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