Posted by: Admin | October 9, 2009

Twit… What???

I honestly don’t really consider myself to be “old” 

(Unless of course, you ask me how long it took me to recover from my hangover last weekend…. 1 ½ bottles of wine are apparently equal to a completely useless weekend, some vomiting and a 2 day hangover). 

But, this post isn’t about me killing my liver,  my over consumption of alcohol or even how pathetic I looked on my couch for 2 days (ok, ok, I know this is no different than most days).

This post is about me not being able to fully grasp something that mind you, is not really new, and, from what I hear, not complicated.

It’s about TWITTER.

What the hell is Twitter?  

I feel sort of like my parents must have when they first came out with VCRs, or cell phones or the world wide web.  It’s as if technology has somehow zipped by me.  One day while I was listening to Def Leopard, drinking “New Coke” and wearing my leg warmers, I lost sight of what was happening around me  (ok, maybe it wasn’t really back that far, but that time brings back such great memories, I just had to relive it for a moment!).  Needless to say, I’m not sure when I “became old” but it happened sometime between those leg warmers and today.

I’ve heard about tweeting and followers and Ashton Kutscher and Ellen but I’ll admit I never really gave it much attention.  I mean after all, even before my unemployment, my life was not interesting enough to share immediate update messages with anyone.  Who the hell needs to know anything about me in “real time”.  I have a hard enough time coming up with witty and relevant Facebook status updates.  (and, by the way, I was a very late adoptor of Facebook).  These “new fangled” social media technologies.. what ever happened to writing a letter and waiting anxiously for a reply 2-3 weeks later.  It’s all about immediate gratification, which I’ll admit, I’m all about.  So, I suppose, it’s even more confusing that I haven’t jumped on these band wagons earlier?

Anyhow, now that I’ve gone off on a tangent.. I’ll reel myself back.

Twitter.    I don’t do it.    I don’t get it…

And, I don’t see how it could have any relevance in my unemployed life.  My tweets would look something like this.


10:08am – waking up was tough.. coffee here I come!

11:23am – watching The View..what on earth is Barbara wearing today?

12:52pm – just checking in with all my peeps.. any job leads today?

1:31pm – NEW BLOG UPDATE:  what the hell is twitter?

4:14pm – wish I was dancing with Ellen right now

6:45pm – guess I should have defrosted something for dinner?

2:30am – still suffering from unemployment insomnia.. this friggin sucks! 

And….as you can see… nobody would care!


So, yesterday someone mentioned to me that I should set up a Twitter account for my other blog The Hubby Diaries.   I figured, what the hell, all I have is free time… and off I went to set up an account.  I read all their help info, I googled more info, I read, and read and read… and I’ll admit.  I still just don’t get it! 

I have a lot of time on my hands, so I’m gonna figure this out if it kills me… I’m up to 9 followers (although I doubt that’s good?) but, at least I’m on my way!  And, if this is the thing that “makes me old” I suppose I don’t have much of an argument against it anymore….. maybe I’ve finally hit the point where I’m just simply “not cool” (or more likely, this probably happened a while ago, and denial can be a beautiful thing!)

Anyhow.. if you’d like to follow The Hubby Diaries on twitter.. you can do it here:

(I hope I did that right!!)



  1. Michelle,

    I didn’t get it either and at times still don’t. Ittybittycrazy probably does have it right but good lord if I spent that much time setting up different twitter accounts I would never have time to write! Also, I suffer from NMBR (New Mother Brain Rot, got it when my kids were born 27 years ago and it never goes away). I’m certain I would screw up which twitter account I was posting to or retweeting to and embarrass myself terribly.

    Having said all that, I do follow writers on twitter, many who are also teachers etc., post some great articles and ideas. I follow Writers Digest, again, some great information and writing contests, and if a potential employer sees thatI have re-tweeted a joke and they won’t hire me because of it f-’em, I didn’t want that job anyway. I don’t post things that would be distasteful and I try not to offend anyone although I’m certain my political views will offend someone.

    And when you tweet that you have a new post on your blog, who knows, maybe you’ll bring some new readers to your blog.

    By the way, go to a site called You can put in the name of anyone who is following you and see if they are considered spam. I block spammers. Some people who follow me are not necessarily spammers but I don’t care much about what they tweet so I don’t follow them back, I don’t block them though because I don’t want to get them labled as spammers. I’ve also followed some then later unfollowed them because their tweets just aint that interesting or relevant. Good luck!

    • Julie,

      Thanks for your note! NMBR, now that’s something I can relate to! Although, it’s not because I have children, but because the same odd affliction seemed to take hold once I found myself unemployed. An unexercised mind can do terrible things to you! I actually call this “Mush Brain” and you can read more about it here:

      ps.. thanks for the spam info!


  2. Ittybittycrazy seems to have it just right.

    I wish I knew this before I started with Twitter, since now my tweets cover everything from what I had for dinner and what’s on television that I liked, to social-political commentary and posts about my professional writing aspirations and social media nuances.

    Yeah, it gets all jumbled up, but I dont think I have the committment time to devote to creating different, individual accounts. Too much to juggle in life as it already is.

    So, I use twitter for entertainment and to promote my online articles to a select number of followers who might refer my tweets to their followers…

    I only follow less than 200 people, so it is still manageable for me, and, being unemployed, it helps me feel less alone.

    • Angel…. it’s amazing the amount of things I’ve involved myself with to feel “less alone”since I’ve been unemployed. And, I certainly have a new found appreciation for the internet! (or, as my husband might say, a new found obsession!)

  3. I definitely don’t get Twitter, either! I tried it for 2 months, and while some people were genuinely funny, I couldn’t take all of the spam and mindless updates. So I quit and focused on my blog instead. Never been happier! 😛

    • Jennifer, I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who just didn’t “get it”!

  4. There are different ways to use twitter. I have four accounts.

    1) Personal twiter

    Many people use twitter to just update others on what they are doing. That is what I think of as a “personal” use of twitter.

    The only way anyone is going to read that is if they are interested in your personally. If you are a nobody, that’d be your friends and family. If you are a somebody, that’d be your fans and stalkers.

    I follow EddieIzzard, JohnCleese and StephenFry. They are both hilarious – and yes, they make me laugh in 140 characters.

    2) Promotional Twitter

    Using twitter “promotionally” is very different.

    The key is to give people a reason to follow you, and then you can direct them to your blog.

    Check out my ittybittycrazy twitter. It’s not really rocket science. But, once I get people’s interest, then if I put “NEW BLOG POST” I may send a few people to my blog.

    3) Real name twitter – job hunting

    twitter can be useful for your online presence in job hunting. Let’s call this the “real name” twitter.

    You can pretty much be assured that a recruiter is going to Google you. If they do, and they find your twitter – the one in your real name – what are they going to find?

    If you tweet stuff about watching The View, you’re fucked. But if you continually tweet stuff about your industry and the type of job you do, you’ll look good.

    For my real name twitter, I have followed people who are in tech, or entities, like digg_technews and LATimesTEch. Then I retweet interesting things. I also subscribe to tech feeds on Google Reader, and tweet interesting articles.

    Obviously, you don’t get the hang of this in one day. It’s also like a blog – you have to make the effort to tweet and retweet.

    To find out more about online presence while job hunting, check this out:

    4) Real name twitter – content aggregation

    These days, there is so much to read on the internet, that people tend to read the things that their online network recommend. Online networks are the new content aggregation.

    You will find interesting things to read and learn through others.

    Hope this helps!


    • WOW… very helpful info… I appreciate it! I’ve added you to my follow list!

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