Posted by: Admin | October 13, 2009

The Shark Tank

I feel like I’m living in a shark tank…. Or at least I was when I was working.  

Predators swimming all around me ready to bite off a hand or a foot when I least expect it. 

But now, I feel like I’m just one measly little fish swimming in a big ocean.  Or one little guppy in a tank of hundreds  I’m certainly no longer the big fish.  And, on some days I wonder if I’m the sick fish affecting everyone else in my tank. 

I looked up goldfish diseases…and here’s what I found

“The first sign of fish disease is usually lethargy  [I certainly have this]  and loss of appetite  [wait!  Maybe I’m ok, I definitely don’t have this]  – your fish may just lie on the bottom of the tank a lot or seem ‘sleepy’  [ok, sounding more like me again] – further investigation is required to get down to the bottom of what the cause is. Your first action point when you notice these first signs of fish disease is to check your water quality  [right now, I’d say my ‘water quality’ sucks].”

Anyhow, now that I sufficiently finished that “poor me” tangent, I’ll get back to the real topic of my post… which is The Shark Tank… not the one I live in, but the one on ABC.sharktank-300x235

Have you watched this show?  

It’s about entrepreneurs that go in front of 5 venture capitalists to solicit additional funding for their fledgling businesses. 

Some of the folks have brilliant ideas and others, well, let’s just say, that they really make you shake your head.  Like the guy last week who had the award winning idea of selling socks in threes to solve the “missing sock problem” when you do laundry.   I lose socks in the laundry all the time and I can tell you that I’d never, ever buy a 3-pack of socks (the VC guys felt the same way).

So, why am I talking about this now?  Well, just like everyone who applies to be on this show… I want to be the next money-making entrepreneur.  And, the longer I’m unemployed the more I wrack my brain to come up with that million dollar idea.  I get mad at myself each week, that all these folks are trying to create their own path in life and I just sit here in my pajamattire blogging. 

I’m not stupid, I think I’m somewhat creative, I’m a hard worker and you better believe that if I could come up with a solvent business idea I’d throw myself into it 200%.  So, while this show should inspire me, it just pisses me off and reminds me of how stagnant my life is!  And, even though I’d never go on TV to try to sell 3-packs of socks, at least that guy’s trying something.   I’m on day 110 of unemployment and that big idea hasn’t hit me yet… I’m still waiting anxiously for that “Aha moment”. 

Please send all phenomenal business ideas my way (I promise, if I can make it work… I’ll cut you in on my success!)  🙂

And… if you start seeing laundry, sock clips on the market…. to solve the “missing sock problem”.. you’ll know that I’ve made it big!

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  1. much success (you know, there’s already a missing glove program, right?)

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