Posted by: Admin | October 15, 2009

Come Back! You Left Something In Your Cart!

You may have noticed a theme this week… I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I would improve other people’s businesses. I’m hoping that through this thought process, one phenomenal idea is going to jump out at me and I’ll take the first step towards self employment. 

But, since today is still not that day….  I’m going to continue to look at other people’s businesses and tell you how I’d fix them. 

Today I’d like to look at an on-line florist. 

Let me set the scene: 

Hubby’s grandma was turning 85 last week  (HOORAY & Happy Birthday Grandma!)

We don’t live near Granny so we decided to send her flowers. 

I am a Master Googler.  And, now that I have an incredible amount of free time, I’ve become the Go-To-Googler for friends.  Whenever they need to find information, to have something researched, the best price for an item, coupons etc.  they come to me.   It’s too bad I haven’t figured out how to make money off my Googling skills because I think I could make a mint! 

Anyhow, back to Granny. 

I search many of the “big” online florists to see who’s running good deals, which flowers I like and so on.   I also Google florists near where Granny lives to see if anyone of them have websites and if there are any deals (I am after all, flowersunemployed and I’m all about finding the best price).  So, I decide that the “big” online guys are the best way to go. 

I find the flowers I want to buy..

A pretty Fall colored bouquet

Now, I’m still a savvy internet shopper.. and if you read my Frugal Living post, you know that I never buy anything online without first Googling for a coupon code (you can almost ALWAYS find one).  So, I pick the biggest 3-4 online florists (1800 Flowers, FTD, ProFlowers, Teleflora).  I compare prices (they all offer this same bouquet), and I try to figure out who is offering the best discount.  The challenge here is that you can’t necessarily tell if they allow discount codes until you begin the check out process.  So, I put the bouquet in my virtual basket and pretend I’m checking out to see if I can get a further discount. 

Long story short:  I find the best deal ($10 off – HOORAY!) and I buy the flowers. 

Later that afternoon, I check my email and I find this:


Please note.. that this coupon  basically says… “You left something in your cart [and we’ve probably already lost you as a customer because you probably changed your mind or found a better deal]… BUT, if you come back now and check out you’ll get 20% off”.  Well, I don’t know about you but, I think this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.  If I’ve already left your site, it is indeed likely you’ve already lost me as a customer!  Now, if you’d given me this 20% off when I was on your site, there’s a high likelihood that I would have completed the purchase.  How stupid can you be?  To offer me a coupon after I’m already gone.  Isn’t one of the first rules of business to NOT let the customer walk out the door?

So, here I sit today wondering who the marketing genius is that said… “hey, why don’t we try to lure people back with a discount, after they’ve already left our site?  I hear this is a much better method of increasing sales than offering the deal to them upfront!” 

Stupid, stupid florist.  Not only did you lose me for Granny’s flower purchase, but, because I now know you are a moron, I won’t even include you in the Google search next time I need to send someone some cheer!



  1. Hi,
    I think your writing is very entertaining. You sound like someone your former employer shouldn’t have let go.
    About the florist thing…keep the 20% discount guy in mind next time you need to order flowers online, make up your selection, go all the way through the check-out process but don’t submit it, then check your email to see if they are willing to give you their 20% discount. Can’t hurt.
    Stan the Man

    • Stan ~ Thanks for your note and good suggestion for the next flower purchase. Although, if I can easily google a 20% off coupon (or more!) for other florists, ProFlowers may have lost me as a customer forever!

  2. lmao, “now that I know you are a moron” priceless

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