Posted by: Admin | October 19, 2009

Going Cold Turkey

I have an addiction.  It’s unhealthy… and unemployment has actually made it worse. I'm about to go Cold Turkey

I may be suffering from HGTV overload.  Ok, I’ll be honest it’s actually not just HGTV, it’s just about any home related TV channel (TLC, DIY and so on). 

So maybe this break I’ll be taking from TV, in order to take my real estate class, is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I’m going cold turkey baby! 

They say the first step to getting better is admitting that you have a problem.  And today, I’m taking this first step.  I’m not sure if there’s a HTWVA (Home TV Watchers Anonymous) meeting somewhere, but I think I’m going to look into it.

I honestly don’t keep the TV on for most of the day when I’m home HOWEVER, when it is on…  it’s tuned into some sort of design show, real estate show, landscape show, DIY show or some real life craziness on TLC. 

This past weekend, hubby went down to his “man cave” to watch the football game and, as he handed me the remote.. he said “Here you go, tune into your HGTV marathon…”  It’s not the first time he’s said this but I always just laugh it off as I key in “037” onto the remote (that’s TLC – and it’s always the starting channel for my home tv surfing).  Sometimes there’s a non-home show on TLC and on occasion, those do catch my eye but, for some reason I can watch people shop for homes, clean homes, decorate homes or renovate homes for hours on end! 

There are some days where I can go straight from Property Virgins to ColorSplash to Moving Up  to Divine Design (I just love Candice Olson!) and then sometimes I even land on Clean Sweep (holy crap – what’s up with these people!!??).   I honestly think deep down, I just want someone to come and make over my home and the more I watch the more likely they will miraculously knock on my door one day!  They must have an upcoming episode that takes pity on the unemployed …No???  Hey, Hey… I’m over here!  You can make over my home any day!!

(I think delusions must be another symptom of unemployment)

So, I’m taking this opportunity to try to break free from this addiction.  I know it will make hubby happy.  He tries to spend time with me in the evenings (I crave human interaction lately since I’m so incredibly lonely & bored sitting at home all day). But, he finds it increasingly difficult as I subject him to mindless hours of “crap television” (as he calls it). 

While I can’t make any promises, I will try to get my “home fix” from my real estate classes, not from TV.  I have no idea if I have the will power to stay away from these channels but I swear I’m gonna try!

As for all the other “crap TV” I watch….. sorry hubby, I’m still not ready to admit I have a Law & Order problem.  Let me just do this one step at a time!



  1. […] tongue sticking out… and say that the only reason hubby even knew about this show was because of my addiction to home improvement TV.   Which ironically enough,  is one of the exact reasons he needs a man cave to “escape to” […]

  2. i, too, am obsessed with hgtv. and while i’m currently employed, i can totally relate to the constant urge to watch it. embrace it- i miss watching house hunters all day long! love the blog, btw…adding you to my blogroll!

    • mybsisbs… thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ll swing by to check out your blog (as soon as I recover from having to actually leave my house and use my brain!)

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