Posted by: Admin | October 20, 2009

Must. Wake. Up.

Both my body and my mind. 

Today was the first day of my class and dragging my sorry ass out of bed when my alarm went off was quite an ordeal. 

A word of advice: 

If you’ve been suffering from sleeplessness, insomnia or a recurring need to see the clock tick past 3:00am, please, oh please do yourself a favor…..  Ease yourself back into early mornings.   Do not….. I repeat .. DO NOT.. do what I did last week…

Let me replay a few days from last week:


Monday: “I really need to get back onto a normal schedule”   — actually go to bed at 3:00am

Wednesday: “Tonight, I’m going to bed early” – still watching HGTV at 2:00am

Friday: Head into NYC with a group of friends for cocktails & a haunted house – bed around 2:00am

Saturday: Unexpectedly win Bill Cosby tickets… so I head back into NYC for his live comedy show – bed around 3:00am

Sunday: “Holy crap, I have to get up really early tomorrow, my system is so messed up… I’m going to bed early!”  – Physically in bed at 12:30.. still awake when clock display shows 3:15am


Needless to say, my sleep schedule is working in direct conflict with having to get up early and sit in a class all day to ABSORB information!

Perhaps apropos since it’s October, but I needed to work really hard today, in order to clear the cobwebs from my underutilized brain. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to actually use my brain.. and, as you know, it’s been quite mushy doing regular every day activity (blogging apparently is not sufficient mental exercise!).  Imagine how bad it is when I need to actually learn & remember stuff??!! 

I’m only on day one, of a class that lasts for 75 hours (the required # of hours necessary to get my license in NJ).  I’m sure hoping it get easier as the week goes on.

Sorry I’m not more creative today… I’m lucky I can even string words together right now!



  1. I completely understand. I also had unemployment insomnia.

    This is now totally cured.

    All it took was an 8 week old chocolate lab puppy.

    Learn about my cure here:

    • Oh, how I wish I was getting up early to play with a puppy! It’s far more enticing than discrimation laws & contracts! Although, with the insomnia, I did discover a whole new [horrible] world of late night tv! But, I’d still take the puppy any day!! 🙂

  2. Caffeine it up! And early to bed – the insomnia will eventually break. When I started working in Dublin last year after almost 3 months out of work it was crazy, but after about a week was back to normal.

  3. When I worked in DC, I was a licensed real estate agent in Virginia, MD & DC – its a cakewalk… you could sleep through class and still pass. Don’t stress! 🙂

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