Posted by: Admin | October 22, 2009

Daily Doodles

I have to tell you that I’m only on day #4 and this class  is kicking my butt.  Not only am I incredibly tired each day, but I come home, eat dinner, do some  job searching (I’m still hopeful I’ll find something in my field) and then I go to bed… it’s worse than when I was working full time!! AND….  It’s a stark contrast to my days filled with “leisure”! 

In between learning about discrimination, contract legalities and riparian rights I’ve had some time to doodle in class.  So, I’ll share with you the fruits of my doodling.  I will not be scanning in the cute little stick people I’ve drawn or the lovely shaded squiggles & patterns that I’ve carefully created with my pen & my highlighter (although you might have a good chuckle at my drawing skills).  What I will share are some acronyms I’ve created from a couple of my favorite words… Unemployment, Jobless & Layoff.   The tone of these doodles somewhat illustrates how happy I am to find myself in my current position.  Maybe it’s not enough sleep, maybe it’s having to study every day, maybe it’s the fact that I can’t wear pajamattire to class??  Who knows??  But today, I spent sometime playing with these words to share the my “Unemployed Frustration” with the world!

If you have your own…. Please feel free to share!!

U nderstanding
N ew
E mployment
M ay
P rove
L acking
O r
Y ou
M ay
E arn
N othing
T oday


J ust
O utsourcing….
B ut
L osing
E mployment
S till
S ucks


L ooking
A t
Y our
O verwhelmingly
F rightening
F uture


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