Posted by: Admin | October 26, 2009

A Smattering Of Humanity

My real estate class has given me a glimpse of humanity that provides me with hours of entertainment each day.  It has also given me an idea of why realtors have such a bad rap.  

Virtually everyone I know has some story about a horrible real estate experience.  Many of these stories include a sentence that sounds something like… “the realtor, who was a complete moron….” 

And, after 1 full week (40 hours of class) I have had first hand experience with a variety of “moron realtors” in training.  

Not only are many of the questions that come up just plain idiotic but, I have to wonder how many of these adults (adults, who by the way all own their own homes) could be so clueless about the home buying process.   I have also been able to see first hand why the housing market is such a friggin’ mess. I’m sorry to say but it’s because too many people are just plain stupid.  And apparently, even after being  “trained in real estate”, many of these people will still continue to be stupid.

Now, before I get an onslaught of real estate professionals who want to start bashing my blog… please understand that I’m sure there ARE some smart realtors out there (hey, don’t forget I’m about to become one!). 

But, I have to say that out of the 15 or so people in my class, there are some worth blogging about. 

The Stupid Girl:  This is a woman who is taking this class for the 2nd time.  She failed the first time…. because “the test was soooo hard”.  She insists that she had a “great instructor” but that the test was just too hard to pass.  She is also the girl who asks questions that the instructor has JUST addressed and she then asks him to hand her the transparency after he’s moved onto the next topic, because she’s not done taking notes – the rest of the class has been done with the topic for at least 5-10 minutes (yes.. he is teaching with an overhead projector & transparencies – I won’t even go there, about how antiquated this is..)   And, perhaps the most comical thing is that she is also the girl who tries to provide study suggestions to the rest of the class.  HELLO??  You are the girl who failed the test… why exactly should anyone take study advice from you???? 

The Goomba: This guy wears his Italian heritage proudly.  He “talks the talk” and he wears heavy-link, gold chains and lovely patterned crew neck sweaters.  On top of this, there was one day where I simply couldn’t breath because he sat in front of me and was wearing 6 gallons of cologne.  Interestingly enough, every single question he asks had an underlying theme of illegality, kick-backs, cutting corners etc.  It’s like Tony Soprano himself sent this guy to class to learn how to work around the system. 

The Know-It-All: This guy is a builder.  He knows the codes better than the instructor.  He must stop the class every 20 or so minutes to share an example of how the topic relates to something he’s done in the past.  He has a huge custom home, with 5 bedrooms, 4 ¼ baths, beautiful pavers, renovated kitchen. He’s going to have it zoned as a farm so he can get a tax break.  I could go on and on about his life & his home.  He’s actually a really nice guy but… Holy Crap, I know WAY too much about him! 

The Crazy Girl:  She’s a “hot blooded Latina”. During a discussion of marital rights to real property in NJ, she realized her ex might have some rights to her home.  Her solution had something to do with machete’s and the Verrazano Bridge!   I’ve been very careful to not to get on her bad side (hope she never reads this!!) 

Needless to say this class has certainly been an “education” in far more than just real estate.  It’s been a learning experience about the kinds of folks who want to be realtors.  And, I have a far better understanding of why the general public thinks that realtors are stupid.  If I just look at percentages, I’d have to say that about 50% of the people in my class are normal, intelligent people.  The other 50%, well, let’s just say… I have my doubts!



  1. Kudos for you for taking a real estate class. I’m also on Uncle Sam’s payroll and still trying to figure what to do. I’m thinking of attending bartending school. I’m getting in one of my moody thought dumps. Today is one of those empty brain, WTF am I doing days. Though, I did take a shower. : )

  2. Hey! I picked your blog for the meme One Lovely Blog Award. You can read about it on my blog. 🙂

  3. lmao, people sure do make life interesting.

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