Posted by: Admin | October 29, 2009

A Chance To Be Someone Else?

Halloween is almost here and, back in the day, when life was simple and I collected paychecks each week, it used to be one of my favorite holidays.

It was an opportunity to become somebody totally different for just one day.  It never mattered if people stared at you or laughed at you.. it’s a day where you can forget everything else in your life and just have some simple fun.

Ahhhh…. I miss those days!   Now when people stare at me it’s probably because my hair is uncombed and I’m wearing pajamas, at Wawa, at 3:00 in the afternoon.  And, when they laugh at me, it’s likely because I’m talking, but I’m not making any sense.

Either way, Halloween seems to be somewhat soured for me this year.    And, when I give some thought to who I’d rather be well, I’d settle for just… maybe…  well…. an employed version of …… ME!

So, for Halloween this year, I figure I have 2 choices:

1)   I could get up and shower, pull out a pair of my favorite heels, dust off my iron, not only wash my hair, but style it too.  Then I could pull out my best suit., put on some make-up and dress up as an employed person.  Maybe I could wear a sign that says… “I’m one of the lucky ones”   People may not be able guess who I am but…. I’d know, and that’s all that matters.. I could feel normal for a day!

2)  Or, I could leave the house just as I am.. pajamattire, scary hair, no make-up, slippers and carrying a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other.  This sign would read “Just another statistic”  or maybe “Desperate for work”.  This one is kind of a downer, but maybe if I carried around my Pity Pail,  or maybe just an old fashioned tin cup that jingled with spare change, people would feel sorry for me and throw me a buck or two.  If not, I’d settle for just a free beer??  Cause… “Why lie, I need a drink”

More than likely though, I’ll just sit home and study for my real estate license exam… why remind myself of either my crappy situation or, a happier, simpler time.  I’d rather just struggle with the other Halloween questions that I’m currently faced with.

  • Which Halloween candy can I buy that won’t have a huge adverse affect on my ever-growing muffin top?
  • Why the concept of witches, monsters & blood sucking vampires reminds me so much of my old job  (yes, 4 months later… the bitterness is still there!)

Happy Halloween Everyone!




  1. My answer is too long for your comment box, so you can find it on my website, here:

  2. I feel the same! I’m down to my last 5 weeks of unemployment and things are getting a little stressed. Defiantly not in the mood to celebrate more darkness

  3. Who knew this holiday would represent such a challenge for you.

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