Posted by: Admin | November 2, 2009

Finally Somebody Listened….

I know I rant at times in this blog.  

  • Some days I may make you chuckle
  • Some days I may make no sense
  • Some days I may complain a bit
  • And… some days I wonder if anybody is reading at all

BUT, it seems that someone from Kmart must have been reading my blog (ok, I’ll be honest, it’s unlikely since they started this program before I wrote THIS POST but, I’m going to pretend to take credit for this….)

Kmart has been running a Smart Assist Savings Program for the unemployed.  Did you know about this???  Cause I didn’t and apparently it’s been in effect for a while (I had to read about it on the Survive Unemployment blog!)

While they seem to be trying to start an outreach to the unemployed.. .their arms don’t seem to reach all that far since I was completely unaware of this, which must mean their advertising campaign to let people know isn’t that good (after all, I am home all day.. and I watch a good amount of tv, and I still don’t know about it!?) 

Anyhow.. I’m not going to knock them because they are indeed trying and I really, really wish that other retailers would follow suit… what a great message they would all send if they banded together & worked with unemployment offices all over the nation to help the unemployed! 

Their website says: 


Kmart is offering a 20% discount on select grocery and drugstore Kmart brand merchandise to assist those who are unemployed through their Smart Assist Savings Program. To qualify, customers must present a state-issued id and a state issued unemployment benefits enrollment confirmation. You can enroll online to begin your savings.

Registrants will receive a savings card valid for up to six months from the date of issue, as outlined below.

  • Cards issued in November will be valid until 05/31/10.
  • Cards issued in December will be valid until 06/30/10.
  • Cards issued in January will be valid until 07/31/10.

You can also receive $10 coupon when you register!

I’ll also admit that I’m really not a Kmart shopper (I generally lean towards Targét), and I’m not really sure about the items that are covered.. however, I’m intrigued enough to check it out.  When you’re unemployed saving money in any way possible is a good thing.

Blue lights here I come!!!!!!!!!!




  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing this!

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