Posted by: Admin | November 5, 2009

Stimulate This!

Senate Approves More Jobless Benefits

WASHINGTON — The Senate voted unanimously Wednesday to offer up to 20 more weeks of unemployment benefits to those who have been out of work a long time, after weeks of delay in which hundreds of thousands of Americans exhausted their government aid.

The full article can be read HERE

As someone who is collecting benefits with no end in site… this is great news! 

But, I have to shake my head when I read an article like this.  Because…. well…. we are “coming out of the recession”, aren’t we?  Don’t all the articles, written with the warm, fuzzy spin of government pat our heads, and rub our backs and tell us that everything’s gonna be ok.  Because, well, the moment we see people spending a bit of money we have to assume that the economy is coming back. Just don’t turn around or you might see those 15 Million people who don’t have jobs… Hello, Hello, I’m here…. can you hear me??

Well, “the national recession may be technically over, but the state of the economy remains in the eyes of the beholder” says this NY Times article.  Most reports show that unemployment will hover just over 10% through most of next year.    You can also see that this recent stimulus was a unanimous decision.  This vote will increase to 99 weeks, or nearly two years, the maximum length of time that a jobless worker can get benefits in some states.  TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS! So, somebody, somewhere (who seem to be voting unanimously) knows that things are far from “over”.

Anyhow, that’s my rant for the day.  I’m thrilled the government is trying to continue to help us by extending benefits, but I have to be honest… I’d rather they just help me get a job! 

As for my *new* job of real estate… well, this new stimulus package may also just help me walk down this new path…..

A provision of this new plan, adds an additional five months to a popular $8,000 credit for many first-time home buyers, which was to expire Nov. 30, and it also creates a new $6,500 credit for some homeowners who want to buy a new residence.  I can only hope that this does indeed “stimulate” some people to call me to help them buy/sell a home.  Are you sure you don’t want to move to NJ??

I have my fingers crossed, but I sure as hell am not holding my breath… holding my breath for up to 2 years could be detrimental to my health.   (and, we know that the government health care plan is a complete mess…. so, adding health problems to the mix, is probably not a good idea!)



  1. The fact that they extended unemployment further is a clear indication that they don’t expect a soon recovery. Everyone is scaling back and they’re spending more and taxes are up. Are they out of sync? YES. Furthermore the way they keep “updating” the unemployment formula is really cooking the books to paint a rosier picture. I bet the unemployment rate is more like 16%.

  2. Wow that’s great news! Except for me because of some shadyness done by my previous employer, it seems I have to go to war with the tax auditor to see if I can even get the 6 months most people have received instead of the 4 months I got! On top of being unemployed, by marriage of less than 60 days has now came to an end. How far down do I have to go before I stopped getting kicked?

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