Posted by: Admin | November 5, 2009

The Turning Point?

I’ve been a bit remiss lately with my blogging…. My apologies., I’m having trouble adjusting to my life of “Active” Unemployment (ironic isn’t it, since this was my intention on Day 1 of this blog

I have to admit that actually having something to do (besides choosing a snack, and debating with myself about showering) is a somewhat foreign concept to me. 

I’m not really used to having any commitments or even a life outside of my house.  So, as I finished up my real estate class and studied for my exams (I had to pass 2 of them, one from school and the other from the good ‘ol state of NJ),  I found myself overwhelmed with resuming a “normal” schedule and a normal life.  It’s kind of sad actually! 

November crept up on me as I rolled into month # 5 of unemployment (man, that’s hard to even type).  I’ve realized that I’ve settled into this jobless lifestyle and it’s becoming a hard habit to break.  There’s something to be said about a life of leisure…. However, many of the things that can be said are not all that great.

Let me give you an overview… 


  • I am like a walking TV guide for late night television
  • I have become quite crafty on the internet.  (I can find almost anything in about 2 minutes flat)
  • In a blind taste test I can tell the difference between Turkey Hill mint chocolate chip & Edy’s mint chocolate chip ice creams
  • I have actually gotten to know my mailman and some “daytime” neighbors that I would never have otherwise known 


  • I’m in need of new pajamas — PJs are simply not designed to be warn 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • My daily wake-up time ranges between 9:30am-10:30am (It’s sad to even admit this)
  • There’s probably a picture of me (in my sweats & a hat) on the wall at the local Target with the caption “suspicious, dirty person”
  • The guy at the grocery store mentioned a new snack item he thought I might like


  • Living an unmotivated, unfulfilling leisure lifestyle is just simply not all it’s cracked up to be.
  • I have failed miserably at the “active” part of my leisure
  • I have gained weight instead of hit the gym
  • My poor husband almost didn’t recognize me when I styled my hair last week.

 (Looks like month # 5 is going to be an eye opener for me.)

So, now that I’ve passed my real estate exams (HOORAY!) I’m trying to envision the next steps in my life.  And, I honestly have no idea what the future holds.  

Here are some things I do know.   My real estate class got me to shower each day, re-adjust my sleep schedule, exercise my brain and even interact with other people.  So, I know I’m headed in the right direction.    I still want a job in my chosen industry, but maybe, just maybe, this real estate gig will be good for me.  And if not, there’s always a full time career in blogging.  It’s just too bad that it doesn’t pay my bills! 

Oh, and by the way….. if you know someone interested in buying or selling a house in NJ please, please, please, please (ok, enough begging) consider reaching out to me!    I’m highly motivated to do a great job since I need to actually pay my bills!!




  1. Two out of the four bad apply to me, as well. I haven’t worked since April when I QUIT my job (I know, I know) so my husband could take a new one. In my abundant spare time, I now surf coupon web sites and see what I can combine to get random things for free (which is probably why the people at T think I’m sketch. I AM). Never thought it would be so hard. Good luck to you!

  2. Ahh my beautiful non pajamatired wife returned however briefly for the duration of her class. I wonder how long it will last. I watch the future with baited breath.

  3. That’s pretty great about the clerk recommending something at the grocery store.

    One time when I was checking out the clerk pointed at my food and said, “all this yours?” I said yes. He then pointed to my chef boyardees (yes, chef boyardees) and said, “especially these?”

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