Posted by: Admin | November 30, 2009

Will I Ever Be Normal Again?

Today, as my alarm went off at 7:15am… which by the way, is the earliest I’ve been up in months…..I wondered how long it’s going to take me to adjust to a normal schedule again.   Or the more detailed question I asked myself … will I ever be normal again? 

I am officially a realtor now.. YIPPEEE!  I started a “fast track” training program today.  This class is only ½ a day but it runs for 2 weeks and I need to be there at 9:00 every morning.  And, this is a huge adjustment for me.  You’d think that I would have somewhat readjusted since it wasn’t all that long ago that I took my real estate class but, apparently I’m still on wacked out unemployment time. 

I can’t seem to go to bed at a “normal time”and therefore,  I cannot seem to get up earlier than 10:00am and still feel rested. Which, in case you’re not following along, is not exactly a new problem.. since I’ve had sleep issues many times during my unemployment.. BUT, it poses a big problem now since I need to be there at 9:00am.. which is an entire hour EARLIER than my body wants to wake up. 

I also am FAT.  I’ve spoken before about my muffin top, and my lack of active leisure, and my complete failure to live up to the name of my own blog.  I’ve only successfully been active when it comes to my mind and even then, it’s still sort of mushy at times.  My physical activity has been nil… unless of course you count walking to the mailbox.  Which by the way.. doesn’t even happen every day… and, yes, my hubby wants to kill me when he comes home from work, sees me in my PJs and says, “you really didn’t even go outside to get the mail today??”… and I sadly reply… “uhm… no… I know, I suck”. 

Now that I need to leave the house every day, in business attire, I’ve realized that nothing friggin’ fits… and, oh God, it’s depressing.  I had hoped and hoped that I’d have a reason to get showered and go out into the world… but I never factored in the fact the general public does not want to see me in my pajamas.. and my belly has grown to fill out those elastic waists quite nicely. 

And…. here we are in the midst of Thanksgiving weekend and headed into Christmas, and any hope that I can slim down the muffin is probably just simply not going to happen this month.    Thankfully I can ask Santa for new “muffin concealing pants” for Christmas! 

So I’m yearning for normalcy. 

A normal schedule

A normal diet

A normal weight

Pants with zippers & buttons (not elastic waists)

An oh yeah… I haircut… since I haven’t had one since before I was laid off (and if you could only see how big and frizzy my hair gets without a haircut you’d be afraid… very afraid) 

So, as I make my transition back to the life of the motivated…. Wish me luck….. as of right now it’s a very overwhelming and intimidating place!



  1. The worst part for me about the laid off weight gain was that I had ‘all the time in the world’ to exercise and I did nothing. Don’t be discouraged after 4 months of unemployment I rallied myself, lost some weight and picked up a part time job. I’m glad you are moving forward with your real estate and good luck on your weight gain.

  2. Oh my God you are SO on my wavelength!

    I am going through EX-ACT-LY the same thing!

    Tomorrow I have to try and find something to wear to my first day of work.

    Today I put my summer shoes in the closet and got out the winter and work ones. I am stupid in that I keep buying shoes with heels when I can’t wear them – there is no way my ankles can be at that angle and support my extra weight (I see your muffin top and raise you a full sized CAKE), especially after I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.

    I forgot to schedule a haircut and called my hairdresser frantically today. Funnily enough she is human and taking time off around Thanksgiving! So much for planning ahead!

    And I totally get the PJs thing. Except my husband is humiliated by me going outside to get the mail IN my pyjamas!

    Best of luck my dear you’ll be in my thoughts.
    And by the way, you’re going on my blogroll too!


    • IBC ~ It’s good to know that we are not alone with these challenges… And, at least my hubby isn’t home to see what I wear to the mailbox!! Congrats again on the job… it’s really good to hear about someone who clawed their way out of this mess! 🙂 Good luck on your first day!

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