Posted by: Admin | December 1, 2009

A Year In Review

As a reader, you may be able to tell when I’m having a happy day or a bad day.. and, since the mood swings of unemployment can be so severe it’s virtually impossible to keep them out of my blog. 

So I’m sure, if you’re a regular reader, that on my crazy ranting days you are shaking your head thinking…. “geez.. there she goes again” or maybe “wow, this chick is truly nuts”.  And, while I wouldn’t argue against either of these statements at least you know that when I blog, I’m sincere. 

I write about whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes my entry is sparked directly by my unemployment struggles, sometimes by how I’ve spent my day, or what moron I’ve encountered at the supermarket or maybe something I read in the news.  Either way, my posts are usually very relevant to my immediate state of mind and they are influenced by my current activities. 

So, today as I read back thru some of my old posts, I’m struck by how mopey I might sound sometimes or how manic I can seem.  It just goes to show that after 5 full months of unemployment you can really run through an entire variety of emotions.  It’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone… .AND, an experience I’d never have fully understood until it happened to me. 

  • There’s a glimmer of hope…… then it slips away
  • I’m taken out for a free lunch …… then I have to pay my mortgage
  • I get an interview….. then I’m told I’m overqualified..

It can take a toll on anyone…..  

So, as I approach the end of 2009 (good riddance I say).  I can’t help but reflect on how I’ve spent half the year….swinging from one vine to another… sometimes I fall, sometimes my hand slips, sometimes I smack into the wall but, 5 months later… I’m still swinging, and even on my low days I just have to remember that this too will pass.

I’m not getting all sentimental on you today…. I’m just trying to work out my new life in my head and I took some time to re-read old posts and it got me thinking about what a whirlwind year this has been. 

Today is December 1st…. 

I’m excited for the holiday…. Christmastime truly gives me the warm fuzzies and I’m not going to let my unemployment drag me down.   Santa is coming soon, my house twinkles with decorations and, at least for today, I’m happy!



  1. I am sure if I looked back at my “Diary of an Ex-Employee” series I’d feel the same thing.

    But, even though I have a new job, I can’t bring myself to read over that old stuff.

    Feeling the way you do is natural. Look after yourself on the down days (lost count of how many social things I cancelled last minute cos I couldn’t face them) and enjoy your productivity and free time on the up days.

    You’ll get through this. We all do.

  2. I say thank you for sharing and going to all the effort of even posting this blog/website. I truly understand the unemployment blahs and somedays it extremely hard to pick myself up and put all the pieces back together. I say you really don’t understand it until you have lived it. Thanks so much for being the support I need to get by one day at a time. And yes…. this too shall pass (with the grace of God) in these hard times.

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