Posted by: Admin | December 2, 2009

‘Twas The Night Before My Lay Off

In honor of the Christmas holiday I have created my own lay off version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas.

I hope you enjoy!


‘Twas the night before Tuesday, when the email came out

A company wide meeting… what’s it about?

The employees were nervous, and worried and scared,

In hopes that the company still truly cared 

The rumors and gossip all started to spread

The accountants all scrambled but were still in the red 

While executives whispered behind their closed doors 

The panic developed and rolled through the floors 

Lay offs, or closings, or salary cuts.. 

Furloughs, or cut backs .. What are they nuts? 

The year was a tough one, and business was bad 

The economy was hurting, and people were mad 

The meeting time came and the announcement was made 

The employees all listened, but still were afraid 

There would be lay offs, and jobs would be lost 

They had exhausted all options but couldn’t handle the cost 

The recession had hit us, there was no escape 

Eyes were wide open and mouths were agape 

One by one, each of us learned of our fate 

Some left with blank stares and some filled with hate 

Onward and upwards I had to believe 

Life will somehow be better after I leave 

I said my goodbyes and I gathered my things 

Then I took a step forward to see what life brings……..


And I heard them exclaim as I walked out the door….

We appreciate your hard work and wish we could have done more….





  1. Whoa, I couldn’t have written that better myself. I told my friends about this. We have all been laid off and this is exactly what we went through only we were told there wouldn’t be any lay-offs. Management came to us individually and kicked us out. Happy Holidays to us!! I really hope there is something for us in the new year.



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