Posted by: Admin | December 7, 2009

My “Mental” Awakening

You may have noticed that my regular blogging schedule has been all screwed up. I have to be honest and tell you that lately, I’d forget my head, if it wasn’t screwed on.

As I ease myself back into the world where my days are actually filled with activities, I’ve realized that I’ve lost my ability to multi-task.  Or to even remember information for longer than oh say, 5 minutes.  Plus, toss in Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas and I really don’t know which way is up!

I used to be a master multi-tasker.  I was able to work full time (much of which included overnight travel) while I still maintained my house, went shopping, prepared food, paid bills, did laundry and remembered all those little things that just simply need to get done each week.  Now, I can barely remember to carry the coffee I poured into a travel mug to the car with me in the mornings.

If I’ve had mush brain over the last few months I’m not sure what I have now…. Maybe my mind has truly entered some sort of sleep mode and I’m having a hard time waking it up?

Not only am I having trouble keeping up with basic, daily tasks but I am completely forgetful.  On more than one occasion my husband has looked at me and shook his head because I’m headed to do something in the wrong direction, or without the necessary items.  But this past week, as I diligently work to clear the cobwebs from my mind, I had the biggest brain fart of all time.  I forgot my father’s birthday.  (Dad… I’m still so incredibly sorry).   Now, let me clarify so you get the full picture.

I didn’t completely forget his birthday.  I had already purchased a card and a gift.  I woke up on the morning of his birthday to head to a real estate training class.  I DID remember it was his b-day and I thought about calling him on my drive but I got a bit sidetracked and then didn’t have enough time before my class.  After class my poor dad completely slipped my mind.  That night I went over to my parent’s house for a completely unrelated reason.  I proceeded to chat with them for 30 minutes or so (no mention of Happy Birthday to Dad).  So, for all intensive purposes it sure did seem like I completely forgot.  Not until my  Dad said to me… “so, you’re not gonna say Happy Birthday” did I realize how much I truly do suck.   

Until this day, my current mental stupidity hasn’t had a hugely adverse effect on anyone other than myself.  Unless of course you count my poor hubby who has to deal with me speaking gibberish, forgetting why I’ve walked into a room and of course the enormous laundry pile that for some reason I just can’t get to. But, on Dad’s b-day it showed the first effects of impacting other people and I can’t believe how bad it is!

So my dear blog readers… I apologize for not working out a better blogging schedule, I apologize for sometimes not making any sense and I apologize for not sharing all the comical stories from the past couple of weeks… I vow to try to create a new routine for myself.

And, for my dear Dad…. I apologize to you again, on the world wide web, for the entire world to see…. I’ve become stupid, forgetful and on occasion downright dumb.  But hopefully now that I’m more active my mind will wake up and I’m looking forward to enjoying some cake with you this week…. On Tuesday, no wait.. maybe it’s Wednesday, or was it lunch,  not cake?  Oh crap.. I can’t remember….




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