Posted by: Admin | December 10, 2009

My Santa Wish List

As Christmas approaches and I’m asked what sort of goodies I’d like from Santa, I can’t help but fantasize about creating my own real wish list. 

So, if I could have anything I want this Christmas, here are a few things you’d find on my list. 

  • Every single sock would always have a match when I fold my laundry
  • My dog would learn to walk herself on rainy/snowy days (and not run away)
  • Any calories from ice cream or chocolate would never impact my weight
  • My waist would shrink two sizes (sort of the opposite of the Grinch’s heart!)
  • Someone will call me with a job offer (this couldn’t possibly not be on the list)
  • Or alternatively, someone will call to tell me I’ve somehow acquired a large amount of $$$ 

And, I think perhaps my #1 wish would be….. 

  • For just one day (ok maybe two) every single stupid person in the world wouldn’t be able to speak AND, these same people wouldn’t be able to drive 

Ahhhhhhh….. imagine the peaceful silence of those two magical days!  

But, I’m a realist and I’m sure that the elves are not diligently working on any of these wishes

So, I guess I’ll just stick with some standard items: 

  • Some new pants to help mask the muffin top
  • A tape measure for my new real estate gig
  • Some new pajamas.. mine have been worn to death this year 

And some other miscellaneous stuff that can easily be found at the local mall! 

Unless of course you are truly reading my blog Santa… and if you are, I bet you too would appreciate a day where the streets are free from stupid people!


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