Posted by: Admin | December 14, 2009

Budgeting for The Holidays

Lately it seems that every time I turn around I am spending money.  Which, to someone who is unemployed, isn’t necessarily the best plan. 

As I’m sure you can understand, it’s Christmastime and therefore there’s obviously another whole new line item in the budget this month called gifts

I should start by saying that I LOVE Christmas and I’m one of those crazy people that truly gets joy out of finding the perfect gifts for people.  I’m excited to see them smile as they open something that I’ve picked out.  I’ve been fortunate over the years in that, although we weren’t overly extravagant, we didn’t really put a budget to the holiday.  We just shopped until we found items that we thought others would like and we bought them.  I guess I took it for granted that we could just buy gifts without ever thinking about cost. 

But, as I try to wrap up shopping in the midst of many other necessary outlays of money, I can’t help but wonder where to draw the line.  I will not give up buying presents that will make people happy.  With the way I’ve felt the last 6 months, I need to hold on tight to the things that make ME happy.  The things that make me feel “normal”.  And, presents piled high under the tree is one of those things.  Is this the smartest plan?  Maybe not.  But, it won’t mean that hubby and I have to forgo dinners one week and I certainly won’t buy gifts that prevent me from paying my mortgage this month. 

Maybe it will force me to be more creative, maybe it will require me to scour the internet for more coupons & deals.  But, dang it!  I will make sure that I celebrate as normal a holiday as possible.   And maybe just maybe Santa will deliver me some good news this Christmas… in the form of a new job for the new year!

For those of you how may be struggling with budgeting this holiday season, I’ve included some links below that may be helpful.

Budgeting for Christmas While Unemployed

It’s a Tight Christmas This Year

Kmart’s Smart Assist Program (more details can be found  HERE)

Christmas Survival Guide



  1. Thanks so much for posting this! We definitely need all the help we can get this holiday season. I am going to look into the Kmart deal though we only have one Kmart here (and I don’t think they carry food).

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and I can totally relate to what you are going through. I have been unemployed for the last eight months. During that time I was able to finish my bachelors degree. Since the end of July, I’ve applied for 130 jobs in my area and only received a few interviews!

    Unemployment is really taking a toll on me as I’ve always worked full-time and gone to school at the same time. I was used to being busy all the time. Now it’s mostly pj days and Dr. Phil for me while surfing the net for jobs! I’ve been fortunate to receive a few interviews over the last couple of weeks and hope something comes up soon.

    I wish you the best of luck in your job search. May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and blessed new year! 🙂

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