Posted by: Admin | December 22, 2009

Well It’s The Holidays

Did you ever notice that for the entire month of December everyone uses the holidays as an excuse for almost everything? 

  • Wow, I’ve gained a lot of weight and I really shouldn’t eat those 3 dozen cookies… but, well… it’s the holidays!
  • I don’t have a job and I have no money but I think I’ll buy myself that cashmere sweater… after all, it’s the holidays!
  • I pay for the gym every month but I haven’t gone once.. oh well…. it’s the holidays!

Or, if you’re lucky and you still have a job.. this entire month it’s ok to shop for gifts online, play around on facebook and do no actual work, while you are at work.. cause, well…. it’s the holidays! 

The interesting thing here is that I’ve found myself using a similar excuse for the last 6 months.. 

Except my excuse sounded oddly like … “well, I am unemployed.”  And, the silly thing here is that my excuse was used for activities that were far less taxing, or important.

  • I shouldn’t really eat that entire gallon of ice cream but, well… I am unemployed..
  • I’ve been home all day doing nothing but somehow I didn’t get any laundry done…. oh well, after all… I am unemployed.
  • There’s no need to bath or change out of my pajamas… cause, well….. I am unemployed. 

The bizarre irony of this, is the fact that I’ve truly been more productive in December than I’ve been any of the previous 5 months of my unemployment.  I can’t use the holiday as an excuse to do nothing, I’ve been doing nothing for WAY TOO LONG! 

So, I’m celebrating this holiday season by actually doing stuff.  And, I’ve been incredibly busy this month.. which I suppose is finally a step in the right direction!

And, just so we’re clear… this does not mean I’ve stopped eating cookies or started going to the gym.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll consider doing that next week when I start to think about my goals for 2010.  In the meantime, let me enjoy wrapping up a completely crappy 2009!

How have you spent December?   Hopefully you have been productive too?


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