Posted by: Admin | December 23, 2009

Google Is Great

I just took a moment to review the 2009 list of “Search Terms” that drove people to my blog…. And I had a good little chuckle for the day.. so I’d like to share a few with you. 

Some of the top searches are as follows: 

Some version of Free Hugs (or just hugs) – I guess people out there are really feeling pretty crappy this year if they are seeking a way to find “free hugs” on the internet.  I live a pretty sad life, but there’s a certain sympathy I feel for anyone who is Googling hugs! 

Active Leisure – A funny search considering leading an “active” leisure lifestyle is not nearly as easy as I had planned.  For those of you Googling it… I hope you’ve been more successful than I have! 

Some version of Talking on The Phone  – I have to admit, I don’t understand this one.. .why would so many people Google it?  Are you trying to see if your phone habits are normal? Are you looking for a How To guide?  I just don’t get it??

Here are a few that just made me laugh.. because there’s something funny about these terms leading people directly to me: 

  • Angry Woman
  • Need Motivation
  • Mushy Brain
  • Improving Unemployed People’s Lives
  • Throwing Mugs at People

And then there are the search terms that just make me shake my head and say…. “What the hell?” ..  

  • A Hairy Growth (ewww…..)
  • Junk in My Trunk (could have multiple meanings I suppose??)
  • Pirate Babble
  • Hamster Babies For Sale
  • Celebrating a Muffin Top (do people really do this??)
  • How Long is Too Long to Be Unemployed (uhm.. I’d have to say even a day is too long…)

I’m glad I took some time to do this today… it was sort of a year in review for me.  A lot of these search terms reminded me of different posts I’ve written since August and it gave me a good laugh!

All I can say is keep’em coming people!


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