Posted by: Admin | December 28, 2009

And There Goes The Jolly Fat Man…

Well, Santa has come & gone, my house is now a disaster and I have the post Christmas blues.

We had a great holiday and Santa brought me tons of things that make me happy. He fed my coat & shoe addiction (things that an unemployed gal surely doesn’t need… but, things that make me oh, so happy!).  He brought me a Balance Ball Chair (don’t laugh… I actually requested this for my home office… you know, that office that gets no use anymore).  My pre-Christmas thought process was that someday I’d have a job and it would be great to improve my posture and provide some core exercise.   2010 will undoubtedly need to include some sort of muffin-top reduction program (thanks to the Lady of Leisure herself for that term!)

I also received a variety of tools for my new real estate endeavor (tape measures, flashlights etc)… Now all I need is some actual clients!

And, there are many other knick-knacks, gift certificates and other fun items underneath my tree!

All-in-all.. I received more than I could have asked for, so why am I blue?

Well, I think it’s just normal let down after such build up.  As I mentioned in one of my most recent posts…the month of December was jam packed with activity, it gave me a chance to feel normal, and to fill my days with stuff!  There were even weeks where I was so busy, I had trouble fitting in blogging (oh my!).  It was pretty cool to feel “normal” again.  And as I eased myself back into a “real” life I realized I do actually miss having stuff to do… and now that the holidays are over, I’ll need to find other creative ways to occupy my time!



  1. don’t feel blue baby. I am sure the new year will bring many cool new opportunities for you.

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