Posted by: Admin | January 5, 2010

It really is a… Happy New Year!

About a week ago I said good riddance to 2009 and I have to admit 2010 is already looking like it’s a huge improvement! 

Here are just a few positive things that have already happened (and it’s only January 4th!)

  • My hubby won the overall season football pool that we participate in
  • I won the survival football pool we participate in (this is a feat that I still can’t explain and most people who know football would probably hate me if they understood how little I actually follow the games)
  • And, although I’m generally not one to talk about stuff too soon… I will say this, I’ve had some positive momentum with my job search and my fingers are crossed for some good news (maybe as soon as this week)! 

Blue Bay Inn

And lastly…. some of you may recall my “Do You Deserve A Getaway?” post back in October about a hotel called the Blue Bay Inn that was giving away all of their rooms, as a free weekend stay, to 23 unemployed people.…. Well, I’m happy to say that I was one of the lucky winners!

I have been known to comment on the lack of compassion in society today, and I have also been known to ponder why there aren’t more companies reaching out to those of us who are struggling with unemployment (check out my “Daydreaming” post). 

I honestly believe that even small gestures can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  Having said that, the gesture made by the Blue Bay Inn was certainly not small.  And I was truly humbled by the generosity & kindness of so many people to make the fist weekend of 2010 such a wonderful experience. 

So, I’d like to take a moment to send a HUGE thank you to a variety of people who made donations, shared their knowledge and/or offered services for free, to make this an amazing weekend.

Mr & Mrs Krikorian  (The owners of the Blue Bay Inn) –  for the opportunity to stay at their beautiful hotel

Michael Krikorian (The owner of the Copper Canyon Restaurant) – for providing fantastic food throughout the weekend

The Mayor & Town Administrator of Atlantic Highlands – for taking time out of their busy schedules to join our welcome reception

The SeaStreak Ferry – for a donated ferry ride around Manhattan

Mother Theresa Regional School – for a holiday concert, handmade cards from the children & amazingly selfless donations

Sherilyn Przelomski (HR Professional) – for helpful resume tips and a great Q&A session

Arlan Fieles & Linda Chorney – for providing live entertainment on Sunday evening

Thomas Hauser – the amazing designer of this boutique hotel who stepped in to donate his time to help the staff during the entire weekend

The Entire Blue Bay Staff – very helpful and pleasant all weekend long!

And, though last on my list, perhaps the most generous of all, Bob Hilton, the General Manager of the Blue Bay Inn.  Bob not only developed the concept for this weekend, but worked to organize an event that exceeded our expectations, provided us with a practical job search workshop and donated his own personal time & attention to making sure that we felt incredibly welcome.  Bob, your uplifting spirit & kindness was such a fantastic way to start out the new year.. words cannot express the gratitude from myself & my husband! 

So… as we enter into a new decade, I encourage each of you to think about how you may be able to help someone in need. 

And, if you are currently employed….please remember that unemployment numbers continue to be astounding and, the profile of an unemployed person is not what it once was.  Many unemployed people are well educated, professional folks.. they could be your brother, cousin or next door neighbor. So please reach out to those around you to help with networking… which continues to be one of the best resources to find new employment!

I met an amazing group of unemployed people this past weekend.  And, I wish each of these remarkable folks much success in this new year!


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