Posted by: Admin | January 7, 2010

Playing The Waiting Game

If I have found one theme that seems to have held true throughout my job search. 

It’s the theme of…….Hurry Up & Wait… 

This seems to be the underlying feeling behind every interview process I’ve experienced over the last 6 months.  I can send out countless resumes wondering, wishing, hoping to hear from someone, and weeks or sometimes months go by with no calls. 

Then, all of a sudden the phone rings and I get an interview scheduled.  (they always seem to want to meet right away.. hooray!).   I scramble to make myself available (especially during the holidays where I had actually started to fill my days with activities).  After the interview, I feel like things went well, and then it’s back to waiting.  Did they like me? Will I ever hear from them again? Did my thank you notes ever even reach them?  Again, sometimes weeks go by… and then BAM!  The phone rings to schedule a 2nd  interview… I scramble for a meeting within a day or two.. then back to waiting.  It’s a vicious cycle. 

Well, I’m currently in a prolonged waiting period that has extended through the holidays (which was initially fine because my attention was consumed with a variety of holiday-esque activity).  But now that Christmas is put away and I’m back to pajama days, the wait & the unknown is taking it’s toll.  I did hear from this company back in December with the promise of a follow-up after the holidays but as I sit here on January 7th I wonder what “after the holidays” really means?!  Will I hear from them this week, next week?  Should I follow-up with them again?  Should I sit tight? 

Simply put there’s no part of job hunting that’s even remotely fun…. 

I only wish I’d been able to figure out a way to come up with some sort of self-employment idea over the last 6 months, or that my new real estate career would take off quickly, so that any waiting would be completely self imposed!  But alas, that’s not what has happened so I sit here patiently waiting for the phone to ring… just like a young girl waiting for a boy to call… all anxious and nervous and hopeful!



  1. im waiting too.its been two weeks .i dont wna alose this job.finally otday i wrote them an email asking for my stauts..lets see pray

  2. Have you heard back from them yet? I totally hate it when they do that. I had an initial interview with a company in September. It was a telephone interview. They said the process was going to be slow because of someone being out on maternity leave, but the next step would be at the beginning of November…fast forward to November and no word. Week before Thanksgiving I get a second interview (face-to-face). Seems like everything went well. I send thank you notes. They follow-up saying the process is going to be slowed again because of people going out of town, etc., etc. Bottom line is they finally call the week of New Years to tell me they hired someone else, but they MIGHT decide to implement a new position and if so, they’ll keep me in mind. I was floored after three months of interviewing and keeping in touch with them. I understand we’re in a recession and all, but seriously they shouldn’t leave us hanging.

    • Christine,

      Nope.. no word yet! I’m still waiting (not-so-patiently) and hopeful that I’ll know something soon. I checked with them earlier this week and everything is still “headed down the right path” but I’m about to hit a full month from when they told me they would be starting a background check!

      As I’m sure you can understand.. the waiting is killing me!

      • Keep us posted – I can’t believe it’s been this long – how extensive is this ‘check’ for goodness’ sake!

  3. I hear you on this. I finally had an interview last Wednesday, but I knew right when I walked into the room where the three interviewers sat that I wasn’t going to get it. I know, great defeatest attitude, but I always get a feeling right away about how things are going to go. And of course, on Friday, I got the call that I wasn’t going through to the next round. Oh well, at least now I have finally had an interview! My friend, who was laid off when I was, just got a job and starts tomorrow. I am happy for her, but then I go, “Well, what about me? When is it my turn? What is wrong with me that noone wants me?!” Everyone keeps telling me that it will happen for me eventually. When is eventually?! Deep breath, I have to stay positive (like I have been trying for the past three and a half months).

    • Stevie ~ I understand your frustrations but I do believe that it’s a new year and things will improve. I’m already starting to see a bit of momentum. I’ve had more calls from recruiters about new opportunities over the past 3-4 weeks than I’ve had in the past 3-4 months. Chin up, the tide will turn!!

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