Posted by: Admin | January 27, 2010

A Day Of Happiness!

Today is my 210th day of unemployment.  Why am I all of a sudden counting in days rather than months??  Well, it’s because today is THE day I’ve been dreaming of for 210 days.  Today is the day that I accepted a new job!

I actually received the offer on Thursday of last week, and I’ve been sweating out negotiations and follow-up from this new company for the past 5 days.   This particular company sure did like to keep me waiting anxiously, on the edge of my seat.  This is also the company who put me through the most rigorous interview process I’ve ever experienced. It’s also the company that I started conversing with as far back as October of last year.  I guess you can say that it’s been quite a roller coaster few months… which also probably adds to why my blog has taken a backseat on my schedule.  I’ve been very overwhelmed by this hiring process and I’ve been so hesitant to actually blog about a lot of it…..

In all honesty, I’ve wanted to share details for quite a while now.  I wanted to share how anxious I was, waiting for their offer last week, and how stressed I’ve been all weekend waiting to hear their follow-up.  But, I was so fearful that if I merely whispered that an offer was coming, I’d somehow reap some horrific karma and the entire opportunity would evaporate before my very eyes.

I don’t like to think of myself as superstitious and I don’t really ever think that cosmic forces are working against me but, I had quite a few positive things happen for me in January and I was afraid to talk about how promising this opportunity looked before it was solid.   I guess that’s what happens to you after job searching for 7 months… you wind up being incredibly concerned that teeny, tiny little things you do will somehow sabotage your tenuous future!

There are many days where I wondered what I might write if I ever heard those sought after words…. You’re hired!  And today, thankfully I have that opportunity.

So here goes..

These past 7 months have been the most difficult & challenging time of my life.  I’ve had emotional lows that I couldn’t have imagined, I’ve watched my mental faculties become soft & mushy, I’ve read many books, I’ve started 2 blogs, I’ve gone to school for real estate and I’ve learned to challenge myself as I struggled with motivation, sleeplessness and self doubt.  I never dreamed that I’d ever experience something so mentally & emotionally taxing.  And I understand now, that you simply can’t comprehend what it’s like to be unemployed until it happens to you.  It’s a life lesson that I truly wouldn’t wish on anyone.  But in the midst of all of this, being unemployed has given me the opportunity to connect with a wonderful network of new people… many of these new people have unfortunately shared my circumstances.  They are professional people, who look just like me, who had careers & paychecks and goals.   There’s an amazing online community of people who have been sharing similar challenges, and diligently job hunting just like me and it’s been wonderful connecting with many of you.  I thank you for listening to me whine, & rant and complain… in my pajamas, with my ever growing muffin top.  Hopefully, more often than not, I made you chuckle. Because I do believe, that if you can keep a sense of humor & laughter in your life, you can make it through anything!

I’m not 100% sure where this blog is headed after this.. At this point I’d like to continue it but, I have to give some thought to how to best transition to my new “employed life” vs my “leisure life”.   I’m sure I can find other things that bother me, new people who are stupid, and other daily topics that are worthy of blogging about. 

I thank you for joining me on the 1st leg of my journey but, it’s not over yet!!  So, please do stop back.. as my story certainly doesn’t end here.  (I still do have that muffin top that I need to get rid of)!

And for those of you still job hunting…. I wish you far more than the best of luck.  Keep your head up, keep laughing (even when it’s hard) and stay focused.  Some day (hopefully soon) you’ll be starting a new leg of your journey too!



  1. The problem with getting a job now is keeping it! The recovery still has not taken off. Think about some self employed options, because of your OCD, that would make it harder.

  2. Congratulations!!!!! Wishing you the best of luck on your new endeavor. I’ll still be reading here and the hubby diaries. My husband and I both love that one! 🙂

    • cgsims ~ Thank you! And.. thanks for continuing to join me (and my hubby) in our escapades!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I have been waiting to hear that! I am so happy for you. I wish you lots of luck on your new journey and lots of success. See, good things come to those who wait (and wait, and wait). I can feel your positive vibes and will believe that it will be my turn next to find something. This Saturday the 30th will mark my fourth month of unemployement. I still haven’t heard from the one place I interviewed at over three weeks ago. I keep hoping that they are taking their time to decide on who to call back (that is what I want to believe). Hey, when do you start? Next week?

    • Stevie ~ I remember back to my 4th month.. it’s crazy because the time really did seem to go by quickly. Which I suppose is not a good thing when you blink your eyes and realize you’re still not working and months have gone by. I can only hope for a new opportunity to find you quickly! Networking was, by far, the most successful way for me to find relevant opportunities. And, ultimately what led me to this new job. So if you’re not already doing so… shout it from the rooftops that you are still looking. Call old colleagues, clients etc and remind them that you’re still looking.. the longer I was unemployed the more “forgotten” I was by folks I knew in my industry!

  4. Congratulations that is great news!

    • Thanks Kelly!!

  5. Good news! Never having suffered through an extended period of unemployment, I can only guess at how relieved you must be.
    At what point did “personnel” become “human resources”? It had to be when Catbert, the evil director of HR in “Dilbert” first took over. That’s when the already difficult path to be followed by people looking for work became tortuous. Anyway, I wish you well, and am sure you will knock them dead in your new assignment!

    • bk~ thank you! And, good question about HR? Gotta love “PC” office semantics… who knows what’s next on the horizon. Just like I was not “fired” from my job, I was either “laid off” or another great alternative.. “displaced”

  6. Congratulations!!! I’ve been going through a similar timeline to you, promising interviews before the holidays, then stressful waiting all through January. I got an email offer last Thursday with a promised call from HR on Monday to finalize and make it official, but it’s Wednesday and no call yet and no answer to my followup. Hopefully I will have just as awesome an outcome as you did! It’s reassuring to know that sometimes companies are just taking their sweet time and not writing you off. It must feel awesome to have all that waiting over with!
    Best of luck with the new gig and thanks for writing this blog!

    • TW ~ It really is a fantastic feeling to finally have some closure on a long & grueling interview process. The waiting is just so taxing! It sounds like your situation may be headed in a similar direction. In my most recent experience, there was a lot of executive approval necessary for HR to finalize my offer which is what caused a lot of the delays. Hopefully you’ll hear something very soon!!

  7. I am so delighted for you!! Your blog was so insightful and I am glad it is time to transition to a new blog… because we have ALL experienced the horror of being the new kid on the block… so… looking forward to hearing about that!

    • JJ ~ THANK YOU! I’m already experiencing the anxiety that accompanies starting a new job. At least, along with this anxiety, I will be getting a paycheck! A wonderful change for me!

  8. I am so happy for you. It has been a long road. You must feel a great relief knowing you got it and now you work to cure all the pain and worrying you went through waiting.

    Great news..

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