Posted by: Admin | January 29, 2010

Gearing Up For Work

Now that I know I’m about to begin a new job there are a variety of things that I’ve had to contend with.

1)      Fast forwarding those projects that I’ve been ignoring.   As you know, I’ve mentioned that I’m a fantastic procrastinator in my personal life.  As an unemployed person it was always possible to “put something off until tomorrow”.  So, there are actually things around the house that have remained undone for months and months and now I’m like… “oh, crap I need to get that done immediately before I start working and the project sits there forever”.

2)      Reorganize my commitment schedule.   This is an interesting one… I actually made the mistake of continuing to live my life while I was unemployed (this is actually a contrast to 2009 where I mostly sat around in my PJs).  I made it a point in 2010 to make plans, put things on my calendar and so on. There mere fact that I made plans & commitments for my future has put me in a unique position because many of the things I’ve committed to doing now conflict with my new job (obviously I’m not available on a Tuesday in Feb anymore!).  Guess I’ll be canceling a lot of things!

3)      Managing my anxiety.  For months I’ve wanted nothing but a job and I’ve had to deal with heavy duty job searching stress & anxiety.  And, now what do you think I have??  Heavy duty new job stress & anxiety.  I feel like I’m simply out of practice.  I need to readjust my sleep schedule, I need to re-engage my brain, I need to set an alarm, get up and shower every day.  These seem like simple things but they are actually quite overwhelming given that I haven’t had to live like this for 7 months!

4)      A wardrobe overhaul.  We all know that I’ve been cultivating a nice unemployed muffin-top.  This lovely addition to my mid-section is working in direct conflict with my pre-unemployment business attire.  So, I now need to separate all my suits & work clothes into pre-unemployment & post unemployment fits.  And, I’m finding that there are far too many items in the pre-unemployment sizes.. I really need to get a jump start on the muffin-top reduction simply so I have some actual clothes to put on each day!


I’m sure there are more things that I have to take care of with the week I have left before I begin working again. Hopefully I can get everything done and start this new job fully prepared (both personally & professionally)!  It’s a big undertaking and it’s definitely causing me stress but it needed to happen and I’m glad I’m finally on this new path.  A path that’s actually headed towards something versus a path that’s weaving around aimlessly!



  1. Congrats on getting a job! Throw yourself into 1, 2 and 4 above and maybe 3 will slide off your mind a bit … (a nice theory anyway)

    • Brad ~ Thanks…I like you’re way of thinking… And, hopefully you are correct and I can get #3 to slide even just a bit!

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