Posted by: Admin | February 10, 2010

My First Week

Well I survived my first 2 days of work… and then BAM… we were hit with a huge snowstorm.  So, my readjustment back to “normal” life has been thwarted by a blizzard.  Why should this surprise me?  If you consider the challenges that have become my “normal” way of living over the last 7 months, it’s not a far jump to expect that my first week of work would have its own twists & turns.

For those you that live in the Tri-State area, hopefully you are somewhere warm & dry today!

So, the commute to my office is pretty far (yesterday it took me almost 1 hour & 45 minutes).  Thankfully, after I’m done training I won’t have to report to this office regularly (I work a field based job).  But, if you’ve been playing along, you know that I don’t really do mornings well.  And that readjusting to a bedtime & wake-up time has been difficult…to say the least.

The last time my alarm went off before 6am was… well… let’s just say… I have no idea when the last time was.  So, getting up and leaving enough time for my commute makes me so incredibly tired when I get home.  Hopefully my body will adjust to this quickly or I’m going to have to start going to bed around 7:30pm.. (which doesn’t really give me much time to blog!)

Anyhow, the company is great.. .all of the people have been fantastic and I realized quickly they didn’t really care which knickers I wore for my first day.  No one kicked sand at me on the playground.  I didn’t have to sit alone in the lunch room and not once did anyone call me a name.  A successful first day if I do say so myself (or first couple of days, since I’m late on writing this post)

I also signed up for a yoga class this week… time to tackle that muffin top (I’ll probably run out of clothes that fit sometime next week… unfortunately probably quicker than it will take me to lose 20 pounds).  But, the good news is that I’m headed on a new path, I’m feeling pretty good and I’m starting to piece my life back together…. .and, dang it… it’s about time!



  1. YAY! I am so glad it has worked out for you, despite the commute. At least you won’t have to go out there all the time. I have heard about the snowstorms on the East Coast. Wow! We have had some heavy snowfall in our mountains too in California. In my area, we got the heavy rainstorms, that I am so glad I wasn’t out in. Good luck to you on the yoga class and losing the famous muffin top!

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