Posted by: Admin | February 19, 2010

What A Load Of…..

I consider myself to be a pretty positive person.  If you’ve been a reader for a while perhaps you don’t believe this, since you’ve seen me at my lowest of lows.  You’ve heard me complain on a regular basis, you’ve heard me rant, you’ve watched me gain weight and overall you probably think that I’m anything but positive.  But, I can assure you, although I may be opinionated and I may be known to pour out my frustrations, I’m generally a happy, positive person.

I believe that your state of mind truly impacts many aspects of your live.  It can affect your health, your weight and even your relationships.  What I don’t believe is that positivity can solve all your problems, or bring you wealth or bestow upon you magical things that otherwise may not be attainable.

So, when I took in the mail today I was saddened by a simple piece of direct mail.

This piece of mail is actually a booklet of adult education classes that are offered not far from where I live (at what I would consider a reputable place).  They have traditional classes like computer skills, dance lessons & photography. And then, they offer more obscure classes like food garnishing, party favors & gemology.  But the class that caught my eye fell under the category of “Personal Growth”. 

This class is called Prosperity Consciousness.. and, I’d like to share with you the course description:

Ever wonder why some people attract money and wealth into their lives while others can’t hold onto a dollar?  It’s no secret why wealth attracts wealth and poverty seems to be an inescapable trap.  Learn to create wealth by changing your relationship with money.  This course helps those seeking wealth in their lives to tap into universal abundance by learning and using simple and practical techniques taught for decades in books such as Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and Dr. Wayne Dryer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  An interactive course where students engage in exercises that help them and each other break through limiting beliefs that have kept you from the personal wealth you deserve.      

3 Sessions:  $75


Ok, I’m not sure where to being here.  I find this course to be somewhat insulting to intelligent people who have the utmost consciousness about them… who are not “attracting prosperity”.  Gee… I was unemployed for 7 months (certainly not attracting money).  Do you suppose that I couldn’t get a job because I wasn’t at a higher level of positive consciousness?  Yes, I’m sure that if I’d been more positive, I would have been able to tap into that universal abundance and find a job and therefore money immediately!!

Look, I know you need to feel good about yourself and be positive to achieve more.. and that achieving more could indeed attract money,  But come on… .$75 to teach me techniques to “grow rich” or to “break through my limiting beliefs”?  All I have to say is….. WTF??

This class is probably the REASON that these people “can’t hold onto a dollar”…It’s because they truly believe that they can spend $75 to be taught how to “tap into universal abundance”.  And throwing away $75 is surely the first step to achieving wealth… DUH!

It reminds me of that book that was all the rage a few years back called “The Secret”.  If you’re a believer I’m truly sorry… .cause the “secret” is that that author made a shitload of money off making people believe that they can wish themselves into riches.

It just makes me sad. (stepping off my soapbox for the day)



  1. Maybe I’m too negative. I don’t quite get “The Secret” of this prosperity stuff, either. Maybe those who really “get it” are the hard-working, motivated people who’d be prosperous anyway.

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