Posted by: Admin | February 26, 2010

The Great Debate

With all this snow we’ve been getting, I’ve had some time to ponder some important things.

Things like:

  • How important is it to shower on a snow day (I slipped quite easily back into my pajamattire!)
  • Do you shovel the snow numerous times during the day or do you wait for the storm to end and shovel it all at once?
  • How many loads of laundry should you attempt to do while you’re lying around watching the snow fall (I actually need clean clothes now that I’m working….)
  • Why does everyone scramble to buy milk, bread & eggs… does everyone make French Toast when it snows??

But perhaps the most important topic that has entered my mind…(courtesy of a new Cottonelle commercial) is:

Under or Over?

Yes, the age old TP debate.

In my house, sometime it’s a win to just simply have a replacement role of TP regardless of how it rolls.  But, given that everyone seems to have an opinion, I figured I’d toss it out there to all of you.

I’m in a very defined camp on this one.  Quite simply put.. it should ALWAYS be over.  Case closed, no need for any debate.  I’m so certain that it should be over that I have a severe internal struggle if I ever go to someone else’s house who is living in the “under” camp.  I want, so desperately, to remove their roll of toilet paper and flip it over so it’s correct. I’ve also been known to have this compulsive issue in public places as well.

I’m sure (or at least hopeful) that I’m not the only one who feels this strongly.  So, please take the quick survey below and please feel free to share your thoughts about your preferred TP placement and, if you happen to be one of those nutty folks who like to have it roll under please, oh please, explain to me why?



  1. […] in public) 9.    He, more often than not, changes the toilet paper roll (and he agrees that it should ALWAYS roll OVER and not under!!) 8.    When he leaves piles of dirty clothes in the bathroom they are almost always laying on […]

  2. It is dangerous if you shovel the snow during the is better you do it once after the storm is gone

  3. If you have kittens (or cats) who absolutely love to pull the toilet paper off the roll, you set the roll under. That way, it spins but no paper comes off.

    Other than that, I can’t imagine any other reason.

  4. Oh I am so with you on the this one – it absolutely has to be over. I too struggle with not “fixing” the issue while I am visiting friends.

  5. When it snows I scramble to buy beer and scotch.

  6. Why does everyone scramble to buy milk, bread & eggs… does everyone make French Toast when it snows??

    LOL! I’ve wondered that myself. Even in the middle of the city, people do this as if we were in the wilderness and the supply wagons weren’t going to come around again for weeks.

  7. Grasping–or tugging free–the simple truth that toilet paper always rolls over, not under is a little like seeing the urgent need to reform health care: either you get it, or you don’t.

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