Posted by: Admin | March 13, 2010

Personal Development

Maybe you’re wondering where the heck I’ve been…. 

Well, I actually flew to Florida this past week for some training & team building with my new company.  It was a great week overall but, I have to be honest I have come home completely exhausted!!  When I first received the agenda for these meetings I knew it was going to be a challenging trip. Make no mistake, when the first item noted on the schedule is breakfast at 7:00am, and the last activity has you ending at 10:00pm, you are in for quite a ride. 

And a crazy ride it was… for multiple days!

The first day was an HR based training about developing key competencies for career growth.  It was an exercise that really forced us to consider our strengths & weaknesses.  I have to admit, it’s something that everyone should probably do regularly throughout your career and it got me thinking about some key things that could be helpful to job seekers.  My new company uses the Lominger Leadership Architect for development.  This model allows you to analyze your behaviors in 4 key buckets:

  • Mental agility
  • People agility
  • Change agility
  • Results agility

If you remember back to when I was interviewing, my new company uses behavioral interviewing techniques which are tied directly to this architecture.  And, I think that if you are looking for way to improve your marketability in this challenging job market, it might be worthwhile to take a hard look at your capabilities and your learning agility. 

Many of the offerings on the Lominger website are geared towards corporations and improving teams/interviewing/coaching/performace management BUT, in my opinion, this information can prove to be invaluable as a job seeking candidate.  (please keep in mind I don’t work for Lominger and I’m not necessarily promoting their products… I’m just using them as an example of how you can do some self evaluation..)

Now I’m certainly not one of those “self-help” nuts.. but I do think that you need to be constantly thinking about personal development.  If you can identify your strengths & the areas where you need improvement it can help you in every aspect of your life… not just in the workplace!

So, as I wrap up my exhaustive week…. these are my first takeaways.  And, this is only from Day #1. 

Day #2 overviews will be coming shortly!


  1. I agree, personal development is vital in all aspects of life and not just for the workplace. I will give that Lominger Leadership Architect a try. I remember some type of strength and weakness exercise long ago that helped me with some decisions and planning on my small business and also with managing my finances.
    Have you heard of the Mentor club? You could find good mentors in personal development there if interested.

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